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Never put all your domain eggs in one TLD basket

When it comes down to investing in stocks, one thing you learn fast is never to bid all your money on one stock. Unlike horse racing and gambling, investing in the stock market is a matter of researching both fundamentals and trends. The same rules apply to the domain market. When one … [Read more...]

There are still Gentlemen in the Domain Industry

A recent incident that quietly unfolded on the popular domain forum, involved the following protagonists: A seller eager to let go of a premium domain for a low price A buyer #1 who recognizes good deals A buyer #2 who silently bought the domain I cannot reveal all the … [Read more...]

DomainTools gets the job done

I've been using DomainTools - the paid version - since mid-2006. During those past five years, I discovered my "addiction" to this indispensable WHOIS tool and here are a few reasons why: It's fast. Even if other WHOIS services claim to be faster, DomainTools delivers more information on … [Read more...]

Domain hacks get their revenge day

As announced at Mike Berkens's blog, the sales price of wasn't a surprise; what's surprising is that a so-called "domain hack" wasn't picked up from the Montenegrin registry at a higher price. Domain hacks are combinations of keyword+TLD to form a word or even a phrase. Some are … [Read more...]

Should you buy domains at the BIN price?

When a house goes on the market, its ability to be sold quickly depends on two factors: quality and price. In a similar fashion, depending on how good a domain name is, the factoring of its price determines how fast it piques the interest of buyers. When a seller lists a Buy It Now (BIN) … [Read more...]