Get in control of your domain assets

I keep stating how Sedo pulled the rug from under themselves, with the thoughtless implementation of SedoMLS.

They did it by treating the entire domain inventory – our domain assets – as trivial listings with a bargain sticker price. These listings were then being peddled on the GoDaddy TDNAM, on Afternic and other registrars, without as much as the ability to remove the domains selectively from any of these markets.

I hear that more “free” marketplaces are opening up or have opened their doors to welcome your domains. If you want to devalue these assets, go ahead; list your domains for free on Craigslist, for all I care.

In November, Frank Schilling explained the low selling prices of domains on Sedo thus:

“The problem with all these MLS / DLS distributed networks is that it does get your names in front of lots of buyers but it commoditizes the value of your registration. The buyers didn’t come to the DLS or MLS. they entered your name!  They want YOUR NAME ..  and they are going to find YOUR NAME without the network. The network is the problem […] Anybody can create a machine for burning your furniture.

In September, I stated something analogous:

“Promoting the availability of a domain name must be done in a controlled fashion. Allowing others to take hold of the name and peddle it on forums, over Twitter or Facebook, can severely damage the way this asset is perceived by the general public […] Your wife or girlfriend might be beautiful or skilled in the art of love; would you parade her in front of a street market, allowing strangers to ogle or poke her?

I want to be in control of where my domain assets are being promoted, and I want to be able to manage not just the selling price, but also the wrapper, the presentation, the method and manner of sale. And this cannot happen via a simple inclusion or listing in the multitude of current or future domain selling “venues” that will bring you more sales, supposedly.

Get in control of your domain assets – it’s the only way to achieve higher sales.


  1. I am doing it. I am just so damn tired… 🙂

  2. I agree why drive traffic to sedo, and their endless supply of fixed price crap, send the user to your own direct inquiry page. Know who your user is, instead of an anonymous query system, time to wake up to some light, instead of being locked in a dark cave. Sedo had no choice but to take the godaddy connection, they have lost over a million names that were once linked directly to them, but now direct to IT, or DP.

  3. Very well said…

    I hate that Sedo felt they could peddle MY assets anywhere they pleased – and then try to charge me a 20% fee on a sale – without giving me any option to opt in, or opt out.

    I have written to them 3 times….No reply. They really don’t get it. These assets are NOT Sedo’s.

    They’ll never make a sale on my domains via SedoMLS – I automatically quote $500,000 on the humblest quality domain for offers via this source. Every time.

  4. Agreed there is nothing more likely to bring domainers out in a rash than these mean $60 offers on sedo.


    However – why don’t y’all just set a floor price on sedo? This takes ummm… 30 seconds for all domains on sedo.

    And it carries on to godaddy mls. There is no point in cutting off your nose to spite your face?


  5. Alan – So, what would that floor price be? $500? $1,000? $5,000? $10,000? And how often would you have to go in and change it to match trends and various market fluctuations?

    Anyone who sets a fixed price and does not negotiate, both loses sales and can leave money on the table.

    I’d rather control my domains, thanks very much.

  6. Hi Theo,

    Ok but this is not a price I’m talking about it’s just a minimum bid, you are still free to negotiate although with no comments on godaddy mls names.

    It just cuts out the really mean low offers – or did I misunderstand you?


  7. Alan – The entire SedoMLS concept is flawed. I don’t want my domains to be listed on a gazillion venues, especially when I have no control over their specific presentation. Again, managing ‘minimum prices’ on venues I did not opt in to, is a violation of my consumer and business rights. And that’s why, I got rid of the problem; it’s not a cutting of one’s nose to spite their face, as you stated.

  8. Theo – yes I see your point re the MLS, there could be some unforeseen circumstances down the line for domainers. (Sorry domain investors 🙂

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