Multi-tasking doesn’t always work

I’m a practical person; on a given day, I want to accomplish as much as possible, without much overhead.

If I want to go from “A” to “B”, I try to see if I can accomplish task “C” that lies in between.

While this might be efficient “on paper”, there always an underlying danger of losing focus.

Sometimes, it’s hard to multi-task, plain and simple. One needs periods where creativity or efficiency are dedicated to a single task.

Personal or professional tasks can often intermix, sometimes sapping time and resources from one another. The key to achieving good results in either, is to classify your tasks and allocate priorities.

When multi-tasking does not work, you will notice a drop in your productivity which means that it’s time to stop segmenting your effort across  multiple targets and goals.

The best way to organize these targets, is to set them on a timeline, thus marking their importance over time.

Whether it’s domain related tasks or personal tasks, by tackling each goal in sequence you avoid underutilizing your very own resources. Once you clear part of the slate or its entirety, you can then return to multi-tasking until you witness the same familiar signs of fatigue.

Have a great, productive week!


  1. Multitasking is a myth. A person thinks about one thing at given time.

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