NamesCon: My thoughts on an important Domain Industry event

When I attended my second TRAFFIC conference, in January 2010 in Las Vegas, I flew home energized by the benefits I had reaped from the de facto domain industry event.

Having established new connections and strengthened established relationships, it was the best way to begin the new year.

Jodi Chamberlain, event manager for Rick Latona’s first TRAFFIC, was an incredible hostess that cut no corners in organizing a splendid conference.

And this is why NamesCon, to be held between January 13-15, 2014 in Las Vegas, is the quintessential domain industry event to attend, as Jodi is once again driving this conference, in the same city and during the same week as in 2010.

Richard Lau will be bringing together domain professionals, big and small, old and new in the same room. His insanely affordable ticket is a shocker to many, but here’s why there is a plan to this apparent madness.

The opportunities that arise from an industry event with 400-500 professionals, are immeasurable. The domain industry, facing a compressive collapse since the “bad economy” doldrums of 2009, is finally getting through to its Renaissance period.

A core part of NamesCon will be the arising opportunities for industry professionals, as the Internet landscape is under an immense expansive change.

NamesCon will bring the focus to how smart domain investors must mobilize, in order to utilize these upcoming changes to their benefit. It will help dispel myths and will re-enforce the notion that talent is the driving force behind every venture.

The beginning of a new year is a psychological milestone, when most people make decisions that affect them personally or professionally. NamesCon is held right at the beginning, offering domain industry professionals the opportunity to play their cards right, socialize with each other, and forge new relationships.

Richard Lau will also be introducing everyone to the Water School project that has been donating thousands of dollars in money, time and labor to African children.

Lastly, unfortunate events happen daily to all of us, some of which are at a national or global scale. Please consider contributing your one dollar, or more, to the Philippine Red Cross. PayPal payments are in the local currency, the Philippine peso, so use this PHP to USD converter when ready to donate.

See you in Vegas!


  1. I wish I could go, will be moving back to Florida in mid January. I’ve never met Mr. Lau but have followed some of his work the past few years. I hope you get a lot of takeaways from this event, it’s for the greater good. TC

  2. I own and build real estate domains mostly in California.

    In behalf of Filipinos, thank-you for the thought.

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