Uniregistry domain parking : Prepare to be dazzled

The recent launch of the much-anticipated Uniregistry Market generated a strong reaction by me and others.

The integration of Uniregistry with Domain Name Sales is still ongoing, and overall the user experience has been carried over.

While there are things missing currently, such as the custom response templates, I consider the platform to be a smooth transition, that expands on the DNS offerings while housing the domain registrar part under the same roof.

Regarding the part of the change that I have an issue with, domain parking, I have some great news to share.

Uniregistry listens to substantiated concerns by its customers, and genuinely works towards a better domain marketplace. The task is herculean and some things will take time to complete.

That being said, Frank Schilling has already communicated that the benefits of the DNS parking will be carried over to the current structure, as soon as possible.

Uniregistry will add a template editor to alter the main image used for the domain landers, which is currently restricted to a blue hazy mountain; this way more than a million domains will display different landers based on content.

Those eager to tweak the landing pages further, will be happy to know that the upcoming group of improvements will include the ability to change colors, text and overall tweak the landing page so that it delivers a “custom” effect.

In Frank’s own words: “It’s all coming and soon.”

Personally, I can’t wait!


  1. Sounds good! Uniregistry are forging a new path for the next chapter in domaining.

  2. So have you personally made the switch from DNS over to the new Uni Market registration?

  3. They are great. It would be great if you could customize the lander text as well.

  4. Kris – Yes. Took about a minute to switch and took some time over the weekend to acclimate myself to the new Market. As some features are missing, I have to use DNS still in order to send out custom responses to inquiries.

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