GoDaddy broke one great Uniregistry feature I liked

One of the many great features I liked at Uniregistry was its support system. The acquisition of Uniregistry by GoDaddy has broken that part, and it's a big loss in my opinion. For starters, the GoDaddy ticketing system is by email only. It creates an email chain that includes unnecessary elements like signature graphics, HTML code, and the overall effect is a bloated experience. One keeps replying to an email—an unsafe medium—to share account credentials over, for example. The Uniregistry ticket system was over a secure protocol that allowed for safe communication. Not only has the transition switched Uniregistry support to an inferior ticketing system, but the old tickets are plain gone: no links to five years worth of tickets, bug reports, and excellent support—it's all … [Continue reading]

Sedo : Dealing with well-known domainers on neutral platforms

Today's most established domain investors span about 25 years of trading domain names for profit, if we account for a 1995 launch of the commercial Internet. Hello, Rick Schwartz! Some of us began their journey a bit later on, and are close to clocking two full decades of active domain investing. Activity status isn't gauged by a person's age, but by how long they've actively delved in domains. Others are just now completing their fourth or fifth rotation around the domain sun, and the domain investor universe is growing rapidly. With that in mind, I recently completed a domain acquisition using Sedo. The domain was listed with the same BIN price on Sedo, Afternic and SAV; I wanted to test the latter, but in the end I went for the good old faithful, as I've been a Sedo member … [Continue reading]

GoDaddy is on the right path

It took a lot of effort for GoDaddy to provide a token report of sales, earlier today. Personally, I lost track of time; was it really in 2015 such numbers were last shared? Although the format isn't perfect - very small sample of sales, four month delayed release of the monthly report - you can thank Jamie Zoch of dotWeekly for seeking such important statistics from GoDaddy's sales. And it's real sales that drive the domain industry forward. Public companies such as GoDaddy do have a lot more to be careful about. Such reports can define performance even when the total amount involved is minuscule compared, for example, to earnings from domain registrations and renewals, hosting, and all the other services that GoDaddy provides to millions of customers. But it's all for the … [Continue reading]

Domain inquiries: Is being nice a sign of weakness?

It's been 20 years since my first domain sale took place in the summer of 2000, and boy, do I feel like it was yesterday. Despite not using any type of escrow and receiving a check from overseas in … [Continue reading]

SedoPRO World Tour : A great experience 10 years ago

It's been exactly 10 years since SedoPRO World Tour took place in Boston, Massachusetts. Attending the two day event was a tremendous experience, which I shared at the time, emphasizing the … [Continue reading]