Greek Elections: I Cannot Vote .org

Greece is having crucial national elections today, the results of which some say might shock the European Union's economy, once again. In Greece, where democracy was established two and a half millennia ago, the right to vote has been both a privilege and an obligation, reserved for the Greek citizens aged 18 and above. As a Greek expatriate, however, I cannot vote remotely, as the state's bureaucracy and inability - or unwillingness - to adapt its voting system, is prohibiting me from casting my ballot. was formed in 2012, as a protest web site to seek a change in the way that the Greek state treats its citizens that live abroad. Because I cannot vote, I'm making my statement about the 2015 Elections in Greece using the image below, that incorporates a "moutza" … [Continue reading]

Never set a BIN price for your domain names

Selling your domain names on a venue with a fixed, "BIN" price opens up a can of worms. Not only you're disclosing the price to the public, particularly on Sedo, but you're also risking getting much less money that what the domain might be worth. Setting a BIN price supposedly generates more sales that close quicker, as the buyer knows in advance how much they have to 'pony up' for the domain name. They can also make a usually irreversible decision on the spur of the moment, buying the domain with one click. I know, because I've done that, but the amount involved was within my budget. The issue is with the buyer that has a large or even 'unlimited' budget, large corporations that need a particular domain name to roll out a product or service. Such buyers will gladly pay less, as … [Continue reading]

NamesCon chatter: Uniregistry listens

The presence of Uniregistry at NamesCon was not decorative; the 17+ staff members were there to listen to both customers and non customers, and improve both the registry and the DNS platform. Jeff Gabriel, VP of Sales at Domain Name Sales delivered a powerful presentation at NamesCon. Some called it, a "car salesman speech on steroids" as it was definitely aggressive and empowering. The bottom line is, we all want to achieve a large number of domain sales, and that's what this was about. Vincent Jacques wrote an extensive article on this presentation, so check it out. While grabbing a sandwich and a coffee during a break, I mentioned to Jeff a rather annoying issue with offers made at DNS. An offer for a domain with a reserve price can be followed - ad nauseam - by several … [Continue reading]

Why NamesCon did not happen in 2004

My telecom background allowed me to participate in large industry conferences, in the 1990s and early 2000s. As an employee of corporations and start-ups, I was on the flip side of the conference … [Continue reading]

NamesCon 2015 – The domain industry’s renaissance event

In 2014, NamesCon quietly entered the domain conference arena, with a clear indication of its intentions: to deliver a meaningful, educating conference of substance for domain industry … [Continue reading]