Are you competing against yourself?

Last week I bid on a domain at Flippa; the seller had set a reserve on it, which is a smart move. No one else was bidding on the domain and I decided to max out my budget, as my tax refund was generous this year. After several attempts to meet the reserve, the auction ended. Later that day, I was contacted by the seller, setting his BIN price, which was far too high for the particular domain. Similar sales were less than 50% of that asking price, so I did the obvious: I countered. After two more rounds, I made it clear that since I was effectively bidding against myself, that'd be my max offer. At that point, the seller canceled the communications without accepting or countering further. I don't blame him, as he wants to maximize his ROI for the domain, and he probably … [Continue reading]

The Client, the Buyer, the Broker and his Seller

It's a complex domaining world that we live in; many roles are interconnected, and quite often byzantine plots enrich its very foundations. While anyone can proclaim to be a domain investor overnight, it takes years of hard work to set the foundation leading to success. These days, the domaining microcosm involves buyers, sellers, domain brokers, domain sales venues and a range of in-between individuals with colorful roles in the process. To better understand each function, one must effectively play that particular role on several occasions; you can't be a successful seller without being a successful buyer, and you can't be a successful buyer without being a successful broker of domains. One of my favorite movies is "The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover" - a bizarre … [Continue reading]

Pickles and Dicks : Flippa hump day special

I almost bid on Shane Cultra's domain auction of earlier today; but I got distracted by some late evening BBQ'ing. It's a great brandable domain, and I just might have a potential buyer for Shane - if only he picked up the phone to return my calls. Making $6k versus $600 should be a big enough incentive. Emails are ok too. In another Flippa auction, went all the way to $100,000 bucks, only to have its top bidder disqualified. What a dick. The auction is now a mere $10,000 and lots of gummy dicks as inventory at the entrepreneur's basement are waiting for a new owner. Something that's been bugging me for a while now and wanted to share: Why does Flippa allow comments in sales threads, without a bid? I've seen people with "NEW" accounts signing … [Continue reading]

Don’t be afraid of the blank sheets : The fear of the blank canvas

A blank sheet of paper, or an empty screen can be very intimidating to an artist or any creative person. Its emptiness is something unsettling and lacking direction. This initial fear of the … [Continue reading]

Weed and feed your domains

Spent most of Saturday doing yard work; facing a particularly persistent weed - not the dollar weed type - I wasn't familiar with. Would have loved to seek the assistance of Shane Cultra, who's … [Continue reading]