How to turn an unsuccessful domain sale to your benefit

On a given day of the week, I receive numerous inquiries for domains in my portfolio, even on weekends; the needs of people and companies for a domain representing their brand never stops. Not every inquiry turns into a sale, and conversion rates fluctuate during the year, depending on various parameters. There is one thing to remember, however, about those inquiries that don't end up becoming sales: they are opportunities to benefit from. An inquiry that's followed by a quote and a rejection of my asking price, should not necessarily end with that final "farewell" note. My goal, as a domain investor, is to learn from the activity surrounding my domains, and thus create a thicker cushion of valid reasons that will support my next price quote - most likely, upwards. A recent … [Continue reading]

Numbers and figures : The psychology of domain bidding

Bidding on domain names in public - or private - auctions, is a process that requires certain elements to be present, as part of a successful strategy. To begin with, domains that are promoted extensively or prominently, most often don't fall in the "great deal" category. They are simply chosen per the interest of their promoters, and quote often, with an ulterior agenda. Joining an auction of a particular domain requires first of all extensive research. Just because an auction is for a dictionary domain, or for a domain with traffic or one that falls into the "coinage" category such as LLL .com's, does not mean that investing one's money guarantees a return on investment. With that in mind, domain investors must first choose a niche or category based on real world … [Continue reading]

GoDaddy expired domains : Why the long wait after payment?

Recently, I renewed my trust in GoDaddy and it's all thanks to the hard work of Joe Styler, who has been assisting with a lot of the issues I addressed last year. First and foremost, Joe's patience, demeanor and ethics project sainthood; I am fully aware of the gravity of the word, and it's not just a random compliment. In the many months since I went ballistic on GoDaddy' services, a lot of things have been ironed out. Not everything has been resolved, including the apparent need for an app-based two-factor authentication process that does not rely on SMS. But knowing how helpful Joe Styler has been, I am more understanding of the inner processes at GoDaddy than I was before. Meeting Joe at NamesCon 2015 in Las Vegas helped out tremendously as well. That being said, however, I … [Continue reading]

You think WHOIS privacy deters domain theft attempts ? Think again.

The current counter-argument that domains with WHOIS shield on are protected from theft, is outright weak. While the privacy of a registrant's info is much more respected outside of the US and the … [Continue reading]

A domain Escrow process for non-profits : Autism.Rocks aftershocks

It seems that the domain community is "up in arms" about the way the sale of Autism.Rocks was handled by Sedo. Fact-checking isn't always the norm in the domainer village, and Sedo was quickly … [Continue reading]