Blocked an entire TLD for the spam it produced

There is a tremendous amount of spam circulating 24/7 and domain investors often receive hundreds of emails daily. In recent years I've identified the two primary reasons unsolicited email has increased in volume: Cheap, throwaway domain names, and Spam servers hiding behind free proxy DNS services With that in mind, the type of spam that I've been receiving for the past three years can be sourced from domain names registered at NameCheap. They seem to reach agreements with a number of registries that discount gTLDs as low as a dollar per domain, or they are willing to take a hit and attract new customers. Either way, the end result is that spammers register dozens of cheap domains and proceed with step two: using Cloudflare as a free proxy DNS service. The combination … [Continue reading]

Don’t fall for this double offer domain trickery

Got an active inbound interest for one of your domains? That's great. Then again, unless your minimum asking price is met, that might not be a good sign. Assuming you're using a third party platform to sell your domains, such as the Uni Market, offers arrive with some information about the prospective buyer. In recent months, Uni Market domains are being automatically added to Afternic, without the ability to opt out. Unless one has an Afternic account double-listing these domains, that is. The current interaction between the Uni Market and Afternic leaves a lot to be desired. One new issue I've come across is that leads from the Afternic DLS don't share any information about the buyer, when viewed from within the Uni Market platform. It's the nature of how Afternic does … [Continue reading]

Prospective domain buyers (ab)using GoDaddy to circumvent asking price

When GoDaddy acquired Uniregistry and its Uni Market, I had high hopes. The promise for an improved, combined market with "millions of eyeballs" was shared exactly one year ago, in February 2020. Fast forward a year later, and from a personal standpoint the combined Uni Market / Afternic has not produced much. I still use and support the Uni Market and its expert brokers. When it comes down to the interaction of the two markets there's a lot that doesn't seem to be working smoothly "under the hood". For starters, when a domain is listed as having a BIN and no minimum asking price at the Uni Market, it's forcibly listed with a $10,000 dollar minimum at Afternic. This creates a price gap that can be several thousand dollars and in my expert knowledge it can often discourage buyers … [Continue reading]

GoDaddy broke one great Uniregistry feature I liked

One of the many great features I liked at Uniregistry was its support system. The acquisition of Uniregistry by GoDaddy has broken that part, and it's a big loss in my opinion. For starters, the … [Continue reading]

Sedo : Dealing with well-known domainers on neutral platforms

Today's most established domain investors span about 25 years of trading domain names for profit, if we account for a 1995 launch of the commercial Internet. Hello, Rick Schwartz! Some of us began … [Continue reading]