Uniregistry : Sequential WHOIS shield emails attract unscrupulous spammers

I never had any issues with Uniregistry that were not dealt with swiftly. As part of a group of people that beta-tested the domain registry platform before its launch, I assisted with the initial round of debugging its processes. As a systems analyst and UX professional, I made suggestions about the flow and presentation of the registry's online services, before it launched. There's a thorny issue, however, that I have not seen any action upon. It's not vital to Uniregistry's functions, but for several reasons it is important to address effectively. The WHOIS shield info is sequential, using the "privacy-link.com" email address and a number before it. That number, is increased with every domain that uses it. The use of sequential numbers, particularly in accounts or usernames, … [Continue reading]

Verify domain ownership before placing a bid on a domain auction

I'm an impulsive domain buyer, and I've made that clear in every venue or domain forum that I participate at. When a great deal is presented, time is often of the essence. As much as one must seize an opportunity, the associated risk can be costly. Imagine bidding on, and winning a domain auction or other sale that somehow involves a domain name that isn't really owned by the seller. While mistakes do happen, sometimes ulterior motives can lead to the creation of fake sales. One must spend the extra time required for the complete verification of ownership of, or right to sell, a domain. Yesterday, a domain auction at Bido seemed too good to be true; the same seller had listed a handful of quality domains with an expedited method. In other words, the auction was ending in … [Continue reading]

Adobe Photoshop is now 25 years old

Adobe Photoshop ranks among the most widely used graphics applications in the world, and is an industry standard tool for graphic designers. Officially rolled out as a commercial application for the Macintosh on February 19, 1990, Photoshop is now 25 years old. I first saw version 2.5 at the DTP department of a computer magazine that I worked for, and was intrigued by the speed and range of features it provided. In the mid 80's I had used the OCP Art Studio on the Sinclair machines, which in retrospect, was a truly advanced piece of software running on merely 40 Kb of Z80 machine code. Back to Photoshop; version 3.0 delivered the use of layers, changing the way we deal with graphic design forever. To this day, layers allow for the easy composition of digital images from … [Continue reading]

Do we need yet another Domain Conference?

Howard Neu announced THE Domain Conference yesterday, to be held during September 26-29 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Those of us that know Howard for quite some time now, take this announcement as a … [Continue reading]

Should rogue domain registrars be isolated?

Andrew Allemann made an interesting point today, at Domain Name Wire, in reference to the popularity of the Chinese domain registrar, Ename, with domain thieves. "[...] registrars should add an … [Continue reading]