Domain registrars: The good, the bad and the ugly

ICANN accreditation of domain registrars requires both a strict adherence to the standards mandated by ICANN, and a business approach that understands the complexities of the market. With that in mind, not all domain registrars are created equal. This is not a registrar ranking diatribe, however; I'm not judging registrars by anything other than their ability to satisfy urgent and vital registrant requests. The subject of domain theft is very important, and security varies among domain registrars. A modern, secure domain registrar would implement not just the basic security layers, but would enhance them according to current, ongoing cyber threats. Unfortunately, when it comes down to domains being moved from Registrar A to Registrar B as the result of domain theft, there are … [Continue reading]

When you inquire about a domain, don’t pitch your own

It's common sense: When I go to a store to buy a product, I don't turn around at the checkout to sell my services instead of paying for the item. This exact, unprofessional behavior applies to domain name inquiries as well. A person who introduced himself as a domain investor from India, placed an offer and received a quote for one of the aged domains in my portfolio. After I explained that his offer was well below my selling price, he went ahead and attempted to sell me a variant with an "S" appended, registered a day ago. The fun part is that the new word isn't even valid in its pseudo-pluralized format. Such silly attempts to pitch one's own domain while appearing to be inquiring about another, do not belong in the domain industry - definitely not a smart move among … [Continue reading]

The Internet, 20 years later: Party like it’s 1994

Around this time this week, twenty years ago, I connected to the "real Internet", using a borrowed 9,600 bps modem. There is one word to describe the experience: Slow. It wasn't just the already obsolete modem's speed, but also the national pipeline's available bandwidth, a T1 pipe to Pipex UK connecting Greece to the rest of the world. Things have changed in leaps and bounds since, and today we take for granted everything we can achieve in seconds or less on the Internet. In 1994 there was no serious search engine to peruse, other than Yahoo, and one could actually create a catalog of existing web sites and publish it. At the time, I worked for a publisher that every month printed "The World of Internet" and sold it as a stand alone 64 page magazine. For the most part, … [Continue reading]

ICANN should establish its global humanitarian reach

ICANN51 in Los Angeles brings together technocrats, entrepreneurs and other bright-minded individuals, in a gathering that projects ample lavishness despite recent cuts in spending. And yet, the … [Continue reading]

GoDaddy brokerage offers make little business sense

When someone looks up a domain through GoDaddy for availability and it's taken, they are presented with an option to make an offer to the domain's owner. GoDaddy emails the owner and indicates that … [Continue reading]