How to handle bogus domain offers

On average, I receive three to five bogus offers for domains in my portfolio, every week. These offers are either clearly over the top offers, e.g. seven or eight figures USD, or inquiries without a dollar figure that provide bogus contact information. In the past, I used to respond to each and every such inquiry, as long as they provided an email. This, I no longer do. If someone wants to get off by quoting insanely high amounts of money, that's an indication they do not understand the process or the market. In other words, such offers don't catch my attention and are filtered through as juvenile communications. I do record the IPs though, all thanks to the Domain Name Sales platform. The second category, those that provide bogus contact information, is equally interesting … [Continue reading]

Digital assets are worth less without a brick and mortar business

One of my clients has strong ties with the former DEC/Digital in Maynard, Massachusetts. The recent auctioning of several digital assets of the former company, that was absorbed by Compaq and eventually Hewlett-Packard, adds a sad epitaph to the region's tech sector. My client is a corporate veteran that has lived the 70's and 80's being part of the technological revolution that led to the dot .com boom of the 90's. And we all know what happened in 2000. Upon mentioning to him the sale of and, two domains that were once the pride and joy of a historic company, he mentioned that the area has not recovered from the loss of Digital, Wang, Data General and other brick and mortar corporations. The digital assets being auctioned are merely the stardust of an … [Continue reading]

GoDaddy auctions + lousy customer service = moving my domains out

After 14 years of on/off relationship with GoDaddy, it's game over and I'm in the process of moving out every single one of my 250+ domains there. GoDaddy failed miserably to acknowledge and satisfy a simple customer request, preferring to keep $14 instead of retaining a customer. The GoDaddy customer representative and their supervisor who denied to refund the fourteen bucks on a matter of principle, can now watch as I move my entire domain portfolio elsewhere. In the process, based on my experience as a customer, I advise others to do the same. A little bit of background info on this clusterfuck of a decision by GoDaddy. GoDaddy auctions sells domains that have expired, making it sound as if one can get the domains on the spot. It makes sense: money in exchange for a product … [Continue reading]

Afternic – A pleasant surprise of a domain acquisition venue

Like many other domain investors, I received the news of Afternic's acquisition by GoDaddy last year with mixed emotions. Giant companies that incorporate other smaller entities into their business … [Continue reading]

When the reserve is nothing but a bait number

Maintaining the dual roles of domain buyer and domain seller, is not an easy task. One has to juggle between these two roles - rolled together into the joint function of "domain investor" - and … [Continue reading]