DotSauce Magazine relaunched today

Mark Fulton's DotSauce Magazine is back; after a hiatus of exactly 687 days, the publication relaunched today. Covering subjects related to domains, domain investing, SEO, marketing and development, DotSauce Magazine will also be hosting regular contributions by yours truly. DotSauce has been one of these publications that offered a lot of insight to the communities it addresses, and I'm glad that Mark restored it to active status. Fusion content publications are important for any industry. Mark's publication combines news and information that appeals to domain investors, developers and SEO specialists. The community of domain investors is rapidly expanding outside of the few key players, to a community of highly skilled, educated and intelligent individuals. That's a departure … [Continue reading]

Your gateway to tomorrow : The future, as seen 32 years ago from a Bell System ad

I was recently reading through the 50th anniversary issue of Newsweek, published in the spring of 1983, that I found in my dad's library. The articles spanned the events during the half century predating the issue, and are both educating and entertaining. Posting scans of automotive ads alone would be fun, but for now I'm focusing on an ad by Bell System, the US telephone company that broke apart a year later. In this two page ad, a giant telephone is looming above a fiery horizon on the left, indicating the upcoming future. The ad is titled, "Your gateway to tomorrow." The right page contains three columns of text, that are accurately predicting today's interconnected world in hair-raising detail. Telecommunications has changed the way the world lives, works and functions, … [Continue reading]

Some reported sales at GoDaddy are bogus

I use GoDaddy to acquire domain names on their aftermarket, and recently posted about my experience regarding an auction. Despite losing that auction to someone else, I wasn't as frustrated as the winner must be currently. The reason being, the domain's registrant pulled the domain out of GoDaddy in the last "minute" of the redemption period, renewing it. The domain auction's winner was thus left with a digital drooling for this 23 year old domain, and the registrant received a free appraisal for it and kept the domain. From what I'm being told, such reversals are quite common, and commentators in that previous post even mentioned particular registrants that do this as a "hobby." One problem that wasn't mentioned, is that these domains are now being recorded as sold, some … [Continue reading]

GoDaddy auctions : When the owner renews the domain

A lot of resources publish domain expiration lists and some are curated by hand. By using these resources, one then spends time identifying domains with a great potential, for development or resale … [Continue reading]

Does your daddy know you’re bidding on domain names?

Kids these days grow faster than my generation did. They have access to the Internet, and a great assortment of tech gadgets at their disposal. In stark contrast, I bought my first personal … [Continue reading]