Great drop-catching alternative: You can catch domains using has been my go-to domain registrar for several months now. Transitioning away from GoDaddy-operated properties such as Uniregistry, is my personal and professional decision, based on extensive use and understanding of the domain industry. Disclaimer: Sav sponsors my publication DomainGang but as a full time user of their services, capable of evaluating the quality of service, I stand by my personal opinion. This is not an ad placement or paid article. Currently, just under 50% of my portfolio is at and I will continue transferring domains there when they approach renewal time. I'm very happy with the improvements of the Sav system and I've heard more great news is coming up, regarding customer-centric add-ons. Did you know you can use to backorder … [Continue reading]

LTO domain sales: and compared

Merry Christmas! Lease-to-own domain sales, often abbreviated as "LTO," are becoming popular among domain investors, that offer a flexible payment plan to their prospective buyers. The option to pay for the acquisition of domain names in installments is not new but it's the automation that wins customers. If the process is bulletproof then more domain investors are inclined to suggest it to their would-be buyers. I've been a long time customer and user of and have also been using since 2021. The former "Undeveloped" start-up was snatched up by GoDaddy at the peak of its demonstrated growth. In recent months, I've been offering domains via the LTO plan at Dan, all while utilizing's Domain Concierge plan. Today I'm comparing and … [Continue reading]

Domains at Uniregistry: Check the auth code before transferring out

After a decade at Uniregistry as my domain registrar of choice, I've been migrating my portfolio elsewhere. The acquisition of Uniregistry by GoDaddy presents complex issues such as the forced addition of Uni domains to Afternic, with no direct management of these listings via the Uni Market. Currently, I'm transferring domain names (and registering new domains) at, with more than 25% of my portfolio already there. As domains at Uni reach expiration, I move them to While the Sav platform is not polished, any bugs that I've reported have been ironed out and there are more improvements in the pipeline. Domain pricing at Sav is also very competitive and transfers from Uniregistry take a couple of hours to complete. By default, Uniregistry generates complex … [Continue reading]

DropCatch domain auctions can expose you to spammers; here’s how to fix it

Participating in domain name auctions at DropCatch is a business activity that I partake in weekly, enhancing and expanding my domain portfolio. DropCatch auctions are popular among other domain … [Continue reading]

Fake sales: Hitting the BIN button at the Uni Market

Setting a "buy it now" (BIN) price for your domains is one established approach to selling. Instead of providing a contact form where visitors can make an offer, you can skip endless negotiations … [Continue reading]