Domain security : All registrars should implement this feature by 101Domain

When it comes down to securing your domain names, one method is not enough. Domain theft is rampant, and the current structure of the reclaiming process puts the onus on the victim. In other words, it's best not to have to deal with a domain theft incident to begin with. Two factor authentication is the bare minimum extended feature, along with passwords of specific composition and other added security layers by the Registrar. One of these extra layers, is implemented by 101Domain, a domain registrar that is particularly popular for ccTLD and gTLD registrations and pre-registrations. 101Domain adds an IP restriction to the number of security options. If you access your account from a static IP address, you can authorize it as the only one that can log into your account, … [Continue reading]

Did DomainTools grow too big for the domain industry?

Twenty years ago, I "enjoyed" querying the web portal of Network Solutions for the availability of domain names that popped in my head, and watch them getting registered two weeks later. Those were the days of "data trading" to key players in the domain market. The practice continued until the end of the monopoly by NetSol as the sole domain registrar. For several years later my needs were limited to whether a domain was registered, and perhaps to whom. Tools such as those provided by registrars that emerged, such as GoDaddy, Stargate, and eNom were complemented by third party tools such as It was around 2002 that I started using DomainTools, and soon hitting the daily limit in queries. In 2006 I bought a monthly, recurring subscription that through the years was … [Continue reading]

Doubling your asking price : Not a threat, a promise

During the past two years, the introduction of numerous gTLDs rejuvenated the domain industry and the domain aftermarket. Domain sales have sustained a high volume and average sales price, indicating a healthy secondary market for domain names. Naturally, the value of .com, .net and .org domains - the original triad - has continued to rise. Many potential buyers returning to seek again a domain they turned down four to five years ago, express their amazement about the current asking price. Valuations for quality domains are rising, not dropping, as time goes by. When you receive consistent inquiries about your domain portfolio, your best price exists at the moment you respond to an inquiry. A potential buyer should be told, as a fair warning, that the domain will never be … [Continue reading]

Domain sales : Push the right buttons of your potential buyer

To convert a domain inquiry into a sale, there are certain key elements that must be taken care of. It's not just a matter of pricing the domain right, and in accordance to market … [Continue reading]

Domains, branding and the corporate smell of the 1980’s

In the 80's I collected corporate annual reports on offer via the Fortune 500 and Businessweek publications. I simply ticked off every checkbox on those coupons, and a few weeks later, glossy … [Continue reading]