Domain registrants are not landlords

Every time I hear how domains are exactly like real estate, I shake my head at the dissimilarities. Comparing domains and domain investing to real estate and landlords is a convenient choice. Sounds familiar? It's because I covered the subject before, except for the landlord reference. In a recent message for a domain inquiry, the other party told me I'm "no better than a landlord." In his view, owning a domain without "doing anything with it" is passive holding, and the landlord reference is somehow an insulting way to address domain investors. Alas, if only registrants were landlords! Unlike with landlords, there is no promise of rent to be paid monthly, when holding a domain that one might have spent a serious amount of money on. Domains are quickly dropped when … [Continue reading]

Getting the right offer : A waiting game worth playing

Earlier this week I closed on yet another domain sale on the Uniregistry market platform. The agreement was reached last week, but a small glitch caused a short delay with the buyer's funds at Uniregistry. This single word .ORG domain was registered in 1999 and I acquired it a decade ago on NameJet. It's my first sizable sale on the Uniregistry platform under its new status as a GoDaddy company. Holding long term and renewing such single word domains in .com, .net and .org TLDs is part of my personal mantra about domain investing. Holding quality domain names for a decade is not exactly rocket science: domain value increases like aged wine. Over the years I received a handful of inquiries, and most of them seemed to indicate that the domain, being an .ORG, was basically "second … [Continue reading]

The Uniregistry registrar is alive and kicking

One of the reasons I moved my domain names to Uniregistry several years ago, is their knowledgeable support department. Uniregistry is now a GoDaddy company, and great days are looming ahead through this well-planned acquisition. Uniregistry remains an elite destination of choice for domain investors and end-users alike. It has a solid footprint in the domainer community, and investors like me appreciate the particulars of this agreement. Last week I needed some information on behalf of a domain buyer; instead of wasting time through their own assessment of the situation, I contacted the Uniregistry support department via the phone. They can be reached at 800-818-1828 during the following hours: Mon - Fri: 9:00AM - 6:00PM (UTC-5) Sat: 9:00AM - 5:00PM (UTC-5). Support … [Continue reading]

Maximize your domain capital thanks to the new federal tax filing deadline

Domain investors, like millions of other professionals in the US and around the globe, are adjusting to the Coronavirus pandemic. The economy is taking a hit, but it's not the end of the road. … [Continue reading]

How Sedo, SnapNames, and Afternic helped me sell a domain name twice

This article is about how Sedo, SnapNames, and Afternic, helped me sell a domain name twice over the course of a decade, for several thousand dollars in total. During this Coronavirus pandemic, … [Continue reading]