Sometimes, rules are meant to be broken

I'm all for playing by the rules, but sometimes there's a higher calling. I was running late for lunch today, and on top of that I missed an exit, forcing me to drive to the next light. The line on the left was shorter, so naturally I took that, not noticing a guy who was placing a triangle behind his van. As I rolled my window down and waved, he asked if I had jump-start cables. If there is something I always keep in the trunk, that's a pair of lengthy jump-start cables, and I decided to stop and help as that lane was closed anyway. The guy was distraught, as his commercial van was loaded with groceries, but there was no way for me to help him by being behind his van. Traffic was merging into the right turn lane, slowing down, then moving to the front of the van. He had no AAA … [Continue reading]

The world does not revolve around domainers

As much as I hold the partial title of a 'domainer', it's more for an inner city reference than for public identification outside of that circle. The world, in fact, retains very little respect for domain investors, that are often labeled with 'squatter' or 'opportunist' and other such negative epithets. As a developer, I am able to switch to a different perspective and observe the domain world from a different viewpoint; instead of obsessing with the pitifully small domain industry, I can incorporate its benefits and exclude its vices. It comes as no surprise that those with no skin in the domain game, and particularly the new gTLDs, are those that somehow end up demanding a process suited to their needs; they are the ones who dislike something, and at the same time demand large … [Continue reading]

What is at stake after the Sedo intrusion incident

On Saturday, I reported a potential glitch at Sedo that might have generated emails sent to existing users, asking them to confirm their accounts. Today, Sedo announced in an email, that the welcome email was the result of an intruder to the Sedo web site. The notification email from Sedo reads in part: We wish to inform you that on Saturday, 12th April, the Sedo website was compromised by an unknown intruder through a previously unknown security loophole. This resulted in an unauthorized email with the subject “Confirm your Sedo Account" being sent to a small number of our customers. Our immediate investigation into the matter has shown that your email address was unfortunately one of those affected. That means that the intruder has got your email address only. NO other data has … [Continue reading]

Did Sedo mass-email old accounts due to a glitch?

Having been a Sedo account holder for a decade, I still use their services to acquire domain names listed on the Sedo marketplace. That being said, I am no longer selling domains on Sedo, due to a … [Continue reading]

Time to invest in Greece: My second five figure domain sale with DNS

It's not a secret that I've absolutely been raving about Frank Schilling's Domain Name Sales platform, ever since I moved my domain portfolio there from Sedo in late 2012. Last November, I … [Continue reading]