The PIR ORGy should not drive domain investors away from this premium TLD

The sale of PIR to a newly formed entity that's not covered by the non-profit umbrella might have been widely accepted, if the timing were different. Weeks after ICANN decided to ignore more than 3,200 comments against provisions giving the green light to renewing the PIR contract with no price increase restrictions, the sale of PIR to new owners is highly suspicious and should be investigated. The obvious class affected by this scandalous pair of events, is anyone using, registering, and investing in .ORG domains - myself included. Over the course of almost two decades, I registered, managed, sold and acquired again as investment hundreds of .ORG domain names. The .ORG TLD is widely used by start-ups and non-profits, organizations and individuals, for fun or profit. It's one of … [Continue reading]

Sedo pays really, really fast for domain auctions

As a domain investor, when I sell a domain name through a third party platform, I'm eager to get paid for the digital asset I provided, as fast as possible. Our interconnected world offers a number of monetary exchange platforms that are designed to offer speed, security - and usually not both at the same time. Several domain exchange platforms offer ACH transfers, that are electronic bank deposits. Other than costing zero in fees, these electronic deposits are extremely fast. Sedo, a popular domain selling platform I've used since 2004, is utilizing ACH transfers to issue payments for its domain auctions. After completing a couple of successful sales at a recent Sedo auction, I was surprised by the speed and efficiency that these transfers were completed with. The domain … [Continue reading]

Relentlessness : A chief characteristic of the Uniregistry brokers

Closing on a five figure domain deal via Uniregistry's domain marketplace isn't new to me; I've been using the platform since its beta stages in 2012. In the past, I raved about the ability that Uniregistry brokers possess to turn dead-end deals into completed sales. This time around, the domain sold has been under Uniregistry brokerage for the past two years. During that time, I raised the price into the $20k range, frustrated by the buyer's game of making offers they would not deliver on. After Uniregistry took over, I simply sat back and pretended I wasn't aware of the buyer's continuing antics. I say "pretended," because on numerous occasions I saw how they reacted to the brokers' expectations, and I would have not held back my words - the Greek would have lashed out, despite … [Continue reading]

Ten years later : How “Friday Funnies” became DomainGang

Keeping a personal blog for a decade is easy, one can write whenever they have the time, or the inspiration - or the need to share something with the public. Doing the same for an industry … [Continue reading]

Domain buyers: Strike while the iron is hot

The majority of my domain buyers are corporations, start ups, and companies in stealth mode. I'm pretty sure the occasional proxy buyer managed to get a good deal, and as long as the price is right I … [Continue reading]