Bidding on domain auctions? Better check that trademark first

Expired domain auctions constitute a large portion of a smart domain investor's focus. The main reason: domains are typically aged, and - in theory - belong to a pool of good domains that is running dryer with every new .com registration. Auction venues such as GoDaddy Auctions, Sedo, NameJet and Flippa provide the vast majority of such domain inventory on a daily basis. Every day there are "promotional" tweets and blog posts about particular domains, sending those eager to invest to these venues. It's not a secret that popular domain investors frequent these venues as well. It's a shame you can't say hello! :D Kidding aside, it is important to remember that those advertising "cool" or "aged" domains aren't really doing any due diligence on your behalf. While a domain … [Continue reading]

How I first found out about

One of my early domain registrations was a four letter .com, I registered it on a "whim" in late 2000, while owning just a handful of other domains, because it was short and sounded edgy. At the time, I only pursued domain registrations as brand ideas only. There were very little resources about domains, and no organized forums that I could locate. A little over a year later, became one of my first end-user sales. The offer was $250, I wanted $750. We settled at $500 and the money was sent via PayPal. This was the first time I heard of, as my buyer wanted to use it. He said I sounded honest, but he had been burned before. Not being familiar with, I insisted on using PayPal, to which he eventually agreed. The exchange was smooth, … [Continue reading]

Greece : Capital controls and domain transactions

As a Greek investor and entrepreneur, a good portion of my domain portfolio is focused on Greek brands, names and geodomains. It's not easy to relay the true essence of the Greek society and entrepreneurship, without it being distorted by the media. One thing is certain: there is plenty of capital in Greece, and a huge investment potential is awaiting. Entrepreneurs fight back the government-created obstacles that stifle the economy, seeking ways to expand outside of Greece. Many Greek corporations move to other European countries where red tape is considerably less. Capital controls in Greece have harmed the ability of consumers to freely allocate capital and to make purchases; there is plenty of capital in Greece but no way to spend it outside of the country. In September, … [Continue reading]

You might be in possession of stolen domains

If you casually acquire domain names off lists, auctions or even domain investors beware: some of these domains might be stolen property. Last week, a domain auction that was advertised on blogs, … [Continue reading]

We are a start-up and can’t afford five figures

Every time I receive an inquiry for a domain name best suited for a start-up or a product, I face the same dilemma. Do I quote the maximum valuation price for the domain, or do I give them a … [Continue reading]