Cutting edge isn’t always the best option

Just finished going through a two-plus hour down-time of my server; the culprit being, a new security update to CPanel. The popular and rather complex back end software for Linux servers, issued a security update, then reported problems with an initial release. Those of us that allowed the … [Read more...]

The art of logo design

A while back I wrote about how clipart plus text does not equal a logo. The process of logo creation is an art, and while it's something that can be studied and learned, there are far too many self-proclaimed "logo designers" in the wild, who give the rest of us a bad name. This great video on … [Read more...]

Don’t hide the features in obscure places

As a developer of computer games, software applications and web sites, I often wonder why certain functions of software are hidden. I learned to provide access to features of my creations by making things clean, clear and crisp. While many profess to be web designers, most lack the skills for … [Read more...]