Sedo pays fast

As I said in the past, Sedo pays fast. How fast, depends on your willingness to participate in the seller/buyer exchange. If you fail to respond to messages regarding a transaction, or if you do not take the initiative to inform the transaction manager about completing that action, chances are … [Read more...]

Nobody at Google knows what’s going on with parking issues

As I've been testing a handful of domains at, a situation with one particular domain - - turned up. Simply put, while traffic is minimal, 50% of the time that I tested for optimization purposes, no ads showed up, unlike in the past, according to snapshots captured by … [Read more...]

Want to sell more domains? Make your own landing pages

Shane Cultra's post about increased domain inquiries at Frank Schilling's Internet Traffic outfit, clearly shows something that Sedo and other parking companies need to take note of. The increased number of inquiries and offers aren't due to the beautifully crafted landing pages that Frank … [Read more...]

Why build web sites when you can hold and park domains?

It's quite ironic issuing this statement; as a web developer I am supposed to be pushing everyone around me to develop, build, create. Right? While this is true in small quantities, when a domain is truly one project that derives its potential from its owner's imagination and vision, … [Read more...]

Mass developed minisites stand no chance

After reading Rick Schwartz's latest blog post about how Google AdSense closed down his account over minisite content, I had an obvious question: why did Rick pay TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars for 10 minisites? The term "minisite" was coined as an obvious bait for the domain community, sometime in … [Read more...]