Meta meaning: How to use “meta” correctly with domains and words

Domains that begin with "meta" are extremely popular currently; the Greek prefix is very easy to pronounce and write, for a change. Using letters that are common between the Greek and Latin alphabets helps, no doubt, along with the consonant/vowel/consonant/vowel (CVCV) structure. Today I'll share the meanings of "meta" and its uses in the Greek language, to better understand what types of "meta domains" make sense to register or acquire. On its own, the word "μετά" (met'a) means "after." Notice that the tone falls on the second syllable. This is a stand alone word, used for a positional or time placement of something that comes after some other event or item. As a prefix, "meta-" loses its tonal value that is transferred to a syllable of the word that follows. As the first … [Continue reading] LLN and LNN domain availability lists

Two decades ago I was busy hand-registering domains from droplists provided by DomainsBot, an excellent daily email service. The rush for daily drops was competitive among those targeting dictionary words but the market was wide open for seemingly "random" combinations of letter/letter/number and letter/number/number domains. I focused on these two ranges as they were the easiest to remember, unlike other combinations such as LNL or NLN. I developed my own domain lookup scripts to go through the full permutation range in a matter of a few minutes. At the time, WHOIS lookup gateways would not block such scripts from performing too many queries too often, and the dropcatch market was at its infancy. I produced domain availability lists for these LLN and LNN ranges, opting to sell … [Continue reading]

Domain inquiries: “I have cheaper alternatives”

Would you walk into a car dealership with a cocky attitude? Probably not. In most cases, when someone wants to buy a car they take a look at the sticker price and state their intentions to the dealer. Negotiations are good to have, especially if you want to get low APR financing, or to take advantage of holiday-specific discounts. If you were to walk into a car dealership saying, "I have cheaper alternatives," you've lost the salesperson's attention that very moment. Not only is the car market hot, both for used and new cars, but car availability is low. In the same manner, reacting to the domain's BIN price with the same response about having cheaper alternatives, has one effect: the seller of this domain asset no longer considers that offer as serious. Personally, I point the … [Continue reading]

Three domain sales : Uni Market, GoDaddy, and

It's been a fun May as far as domain sales go; today I'll be comparing three popular domain aftermarket platforms, based on my recent experience. The Uni Market needs no introduction, I've used it … [Continue reading]

American Rescue Plan : Selling the .com was easy, getting paid was not

The American Rescue Plan is a huge financial stimulus package aimed at transitioning the US through and after the pandemic. Valued at just under $2 trillion dollars, the plan's name was first … [Continue reading]