Domain offers : I can do $X,XXX tonight only

When receiving offers for domain names, the exchange can become progressively interesting as negotiations unfold. Domain offers are often mere "pings" on a domain, to gauge its owner's activity, but some times they are honest inquiries with a random number tagged to them. The task of issuing a domain name quote is dependent on the domain's qualities, but can most definitely adjust based on the party that inquires about it. Some times, the other party resorts to some hasty techniques, upping their offer from a few hundred dollars, to a number in the low four figure ($X,XXX) range. That quick jump can be perceived as an indication of true interest by some, but if it doesn't match the domain's valuation, there is no reason to be excited about. A note that I often receive on the … [Continue reading]

Old domains : From hand-registration to sale, 17 years later

Between 2001 - 2003 I was perusing dropped domain lists provided by one of the best paid-for services at the time, DomainsBot. Hundreds of dictionary domains were available, in .com, .net and .org. I scanned through thousands of domains, looking for worthy registrations. I think I hurt my eyes on a daily basis! Registering single words, even gerunds, seemed like a good choice and I ended up adding dozens of quality domain names to my domain portfolio, paying just the registration fee. My modus operandi at the time was still that of a domain flipper; I wanted to achieve whatever mark-up I could for these hand-registrations. A few dollars in profit seemed ok at the time. By 2004, that mentality had evolved into that of a savvy domain investor, who holds quality assets long term, … [Continue reading]

Brokerage persistence : Why are domain BIN prices on ignore?

Happy New Year! For me, the new year began with plenty of domain offers and a solid mid four figure sale, via the Uniregistry Market. It's where I list my domain portfolio to invite inquiries. The negotiation was carried out through the Uni (former Uniregistry) checkout process. The "parking" of domain names with a BIN price, indicates that the asset is for sale at the listed price. Sometimes, I include both a minimum offer price, and a higher BIN price; it helps indicate my willingness to invite lower offers and negotiate in that price range. Quite often, third party brokers bombard my mailbox with client offers. In particular, the year started with both GoDaddy and Domain Agents sending out unsolicited emails, with their customers' lowball offers. Normally, I'd have no … [Continue reading]

Not all corporations are savvy about the domain name acquisition process

Companies that launch new products and services often seek to register one or more associated domain names. The preferred choice is a dot .com, although the introduction of new gTLDs has given many … [Continue reading]

Domain price quote is good for today only

Domain inquiries can lead to an exchange that indicates strong interest by the buyer. When strong interest is present, what's missing from the exchange is an agreement on the framework of the … [Continue reading]