No idea who bought another “meta” domain from me

This is the 3rd post in a row about "meta" domains and that's a good indication about the increased interest in the keyword, and Metaverse domains in general. A couple of weeks after my last story about "meta" domains that I registered or acquired years ago, I completed one more domain sale. The deal closed for thousands of dollars above my acquisition cost; the almost 20 year old domain was sold via the Uniregistry Market and its extended exposure on the GoDaddy network. I have no idea who bought the domain as the WHOIS info is under privacy and DNS remains unchanged, and I'm ok with that. When the ROI is so substantial I can sit back and appreciate the insight I had almost two decades ago, registering or acquiring meaningful two word .com domains. Once the new owner enables their … [Continue reading]

My “meta” domains were registered years ago

Facebook rebranded its umbrella company as Meta, moving away from strictly social media and marketing and onto a more complex company. Brands in the US but also globally tend to be short vs. long words, and Meta is a simplified form of Metaverse - the online universe that arrives next. As I explained recently, the meaning and use of "meta" in domain name registrations follows some rules originating from its function as primarily a Greek prefix that indicates placement in space or time, past another place or event. In that sense, Mark Zuckerberg's mention of "meta" as a meaning of "beyond" is not exactly precise: that word is "peran." Sorry Mark, your classical studies must have been a bit tardy while you were busy developing Facebook. I've registered, acquired and sold domain … [Continue reading]

Meta meaning: How to use “meta” correctly with domains and words

Domains that begin with "meta" are extremely popular currently; the Greek prefix is very easy to pronounce and write, for a change. Using letters that are common between the Greek and Latin alphabets helps, no doubt, along with the consonant/vowel/consonant/vowel (CVCV) structure. Today I'll share the meanings of "meta" and its uses in the Greek language, to better understand what types of "meta domains" make sense to register or acquire. On its own, the word "μετά" (met'a) means "after." Notice that the tone falls on the second syllable. This is a stand alone word, used for a positional or time placement of something that comes after some other event or item. As a prefix, "meta-" loses its tonal value that is transferred to a syllable of the word that follows. As the first … [Continue reading] LLN and LNN domain availability lists

Two decades ago I was busy hand-registering domains from droplists provided by DomainsBot, an excellent daily email service. The rush for daily drops was competitive among those targeting … [Continue reading]

Domain inquiries: “I have cheaper alternatives”

Would you walk into a car dealership with a cocky attitude? Probably not. In most cases, when someone wants to buy a car they take a look at the sticker price and state their intentions to the … [Continue reading]