GoDaddy appraisals an obstacle for domain sellers

Recently, I closed my first sale on the platform. In recent months I've been transferring in bulk my domain names away from the Uni Market, simply because the platform's association with GoDaddy creates a slew of problems. Don't get me wrong; the platform created by Frank Schilling's excellent team in 2012 still performs great a decade later. What doesn't work well is how these listings are forcibly added to Afternic and the GoDaddy DLS. This time around, I sold for a little under $20k a single word, .org domain I registered almost two decades ago. The inquiry arrived at with an offer at half as much, and a note that it was four times the amount related .org domains had sold for. The other party represented a financial institution eager to rebrand to a single word … [Continue reading]

Are we on the same page?

Part of the domain investing game is waiting for inbound inquiries. Also known as "the waiting game," this is the part that often challenges a domainer's patience. Having sold domains I held for almost two decades, waiting on offers can become exhaustive. At some point, a re-assessment of one's domain portfolio and a repricing might be necessary. I refer to that process as the weeding and feeding of your domain portfolio. Offers that arrive can start at a very low, insignificant number. Some are intentionally lowball, to confirm domain ownership, or to provoke a response from the domain's owner. But many evolve into full-fledged negotiations that can reach the "magic number" at which you'd sell. It's important to ensure that your potential buyer is on the same page as you … [Continue reading]

DAN 3.0 is coming so here’s a handy tip for your domain selling settings

In recent months I've been using, formerly known as Undeveloped, as a domain marketplace alongside the Uni Market. As a long haul beta tester and user of the Uniregistry platform, I am always looking for ways to "fail" the DAN platform, mostly by accident and sometimes intentionally. DAN has a great range of settings that allow for the pricing models of one's portfolio: Buy Now Lease to own Make an offer Price request The latter is useful if you want to engage in a communication with a potential buyer without mentioning a price or eliciting an offer. Personally, I decided to add "Make an offer" as an option alongside the "Buy Now" model. This is the standard landing page for my portfolio, but I've also added the "Lease to own" option. These are … [Continue reading]

No idea who bought another “meta” domain from me

This is the 3rd post in a row about "meta" domains and that's a good indication about the increased interest in the keyword, and Metaverse domains in general. A couple of weeks after my last story … [Continue reading]

My “meta” domains were registered years ago

Facebook rebranded its umbrella company as Meta, moving away from strictly social media and marketing and onto a more complex company. Brands in the US but also globally tend to be short vs. long … [Continue reading]