Negotiate with BuyDomains via Sedo if you can

The art of negotiation is a learning process and domain investors benefit from such knowledge, both for financial reasons and for the purpose of overall engagement. In a recent transaction that took place via Sedo, I was able to acquire a domain name that BuyDomains had listed across several marketplaces. I chose Sedo as it's an established marketplace with well-defined processes of which I've been a member for 20 full years. The negotiation with BuyDomains began with defining a budget first. Would I be able to acquire the domain at the full asking price, had my attempts failed? Absolutely. Saving money is important, though. My opening offer was undercutting their asking price by 35%. It's fun to mention that if that same percentage were applied to one of my domains for … [Continue reading]

An interesting glitch at locks down the BIN price provides several options to domain investors, including selling with a BIN price, making an offer, and lease to own options. In the past few months I've completed 3 LTO deals successfully, which means that three entrepreneurs are now using these domains under full ownership. Dan has been instrumental in creating a niche market for such domain sales that give the opportunity to start-ups and entrepreneurs to roll out brands immediately, paying off the domain cost in installments. That being said, I recently came across what I would describe as a glitch that locks down the BIN price. Consider this scenario: A buyer makes an offer for a domain that is priced at $5,000 dollars. Let's say they offer $1,000 dollars and you decline that offer, countering with $4,000. … [Continue reading] delivers excellent back-end support for domain transactions

Last week I completed my first domain sale in October, for a domain I acquired for a few hundred dollars almost 15 years ago. It's not the first time this long hold of a domain leads to a substantial ROI. The art of determining which assets are worthy of holding long term is part of the learning experience as a domain investor. In this case, the sale took place on Afternic, where the domain was presented to the buyer due to being listed on with a BIN price. I am not a big fan of how GoDaddy forces this type of relationship between and Afternic and less than 5% of my domains are listed with a BIN price, as I prefer to negotiate my sales. Due to the originating platform being, I was informed of the extra steps in handling the transaction. The Dan bot took … [Continue reading]

Potential issue with Dan sales of Uni/GoDaddy domains

I've been using with great success in the past two years and its acquisition by GoDaddy was disappointing. The Dutch start-up was about to roll out its own domain registrar, as a white … [Continue reading]

Uniregistry to GoDaddy transition: Few glitches, how do services compare?

Today I woke up to an email from Uniregistry, informing me that my portfolio of domain names was successfully migrated to GoDaddy. To complete the transition and take control of it, I had to take … [Continue reading]