How Sedo, SnapNames, and Afternic helped me sell a domain name twice

This article is about how Sedo, SnapNames, and Afternic, helped me sell a domain name twice over the course of a decade, for several thousand dollars in total. During this Coronavirus pandemic, sharing positive news about the domain industry is a must! The domain market deals with intangible assets, and no-one needs to wash their hands after managing their domain name portfolio! Of course, you should wash your hands anyway. Here's the timeline. In 2008 I utilized the services of SnapNames to backorder a .com with a Greek theme. My cost at the time was $59 dollars. In 2011 I sold that domain via Sedo to an Italian company for several thousand dollars. The buyer used it as a storefront for a gourmet food line, effectively branding themselves under a Greek name. In case … [Continue reading]

Five important things to follow up on after you score a domain name sale

Congratulations. You just sold a domain name, and now it's time to rest on your laurels and forget about it all—right? Wrong. Selling a domain name isn't the end—it's the beginning of a grand new relationship with your buyer. It's the moment that presents the most potential you ever had with this domain, other than developing it, of course. The domain sale itself can be quantified in monetary terms, but what matters is how to maximize this opportunity and strike an even bigger deal. Allow me to explain by using a simile. When the car dealership sold you that brand new car, they gave you a bunch of goodies and a key. Assuming you financed the car through them, they probably also gave you payment stubs, perhaps even a car air freshener or two. Even if you paid all cash for … [Continue reading]

A “thank you” note goes a long way

There are many ways to show gratitude to others, and share your appreciation with them. In the case of strangers that never made it into each other's life, a "thank you" note goes a long way. A few weeks ago I shared a story about how I found a USB drive on a flight, located its owner, and arranged for its safe return. On that USB drive there were important documents, and even GoDaddy account credentials. It's a good idea to password-protect your USB drives in case they get lost! Mailing back the item was not the end of the story. It was a nice surprise to receive a card in the mail with a thank you note on it - such gestures of appreciation truly make my day.   … [Continue reading]

Domain price increases : Gave ICANN a piece of my mind, and so should you

Domain prices increase, and that's a fact of the industry's regulatory direction. A contract renewal by ICANN has given extensive rights to Verisign, managers of the .com and .net TLDs, to jack up … [Continue reading]

Domain registrar journey across two decades

Having registered my first domain in early 1997, I took a minute to recall what has changed in the domain registrar industry since then. Network Solutions remained the only registrar during the … [Continue reading]