Domain Name Holding service at

After almost 16 years of using to acquire and sell domain names, I'm finally testing new territory. Escrow Concierge is my option of choice, as it allows me to entrust with the domain name, all while receiving the funds faster. I prefer to close domain transactions quickly; past the negotiation cycle I'm eager to seal the deal and "forget" about the domain. That's the beauty of owning domain assets that one holds long term: once the right offer arrives, it's time to bid them farewell and enjoy the proceeds. The decision to use the Domain Name Holding service at for the first time, was triggered by the buyer's inability to fund the entire amount in one go. Getting the buyer from an $100 offer to thousands of dollars was the easy part. The buyer … [Continue reading]

Domain inquiries : Embrace the proxy buyer

Quite often, third parties inquire on behalf of an actual domain buyer. In the domain investing lingo, these are "proxy buyers" that have one mission: to maintain the privacy of the real buyer and their budget. Researching every inquiry as it arrives, has one prerequisite: do not set a BIN price for the domain. Assuming that you also set a minimum or threshold price, those incoming inquiries are adequately filtered. A proxy buyer can use a corporate email address, making their intentions clear. Most often, however, they use Gmail, Hotmail or any other free email address, and it's a typical "firstname.lastname" setup. Once you've determined that the inquiry arrives from a proxy buyer and not a domain speculator or "fronter" looking to acquire a domain on the cheap, your next … [Continue reading]

Having issues? A phonecall can help resolve them

As a long-term customer of I'm very happy with the quality of service they provide. Later this year, it'll be 16 years since I first used in a domain-related transaction, and while that makes me marvel at how fast time flies by, it reinforces my trust in the service. No matter how great a service might be, there are times that individual care is necessary. When emails don't resolve the issue, calling will put one in direct contact with their support system. These days, I use the Concierge service exclusively. It simplifies the process of exchanging domains for money, and it's the safest method now that GDPR has forced changes to the data in the WHOIS system. When I had to call in for a small hiccup in the process, the … [Continue reading]

False claims : We used to own this domain name

Recently, I've experienced an increase in a new type of claim when receiving domain inquiries. The other party states that they owned the domain name in the past, but they somehow lost access to … [Continue reading]

Domain buyer wisdom : You’ve had your chance, and you blew it

We're right in the heart of summer, and it's probably the slowest part of the year. During these summer doldrums, as Elliot calls it, it's good to expand on one's domain selling channels, and I'm … [Continue reading]