Domain negotiations : Never refer to “alternative options” when seeking to buy a domain

Everyone wants to buy a domain name as cheap as possible. Beginning with this axiom, the domain seller's perspective is the exact opposite: maximize Return On Investment. It's 2018, and and endless line of new companies and partnerships, start-ups and non-profits pop up, in need of a domain … [Read more...]

Time management : Focus on ONE thing at a time

We live in a world that thrives on fragmented time. Multi-tasking is glorified, and being able to juggle several activities at the same time is considered an asset and a positive characteristic. Completing a task is more important, however, and for that to be achieved one has to prioritize and … [Read more...]

A full decade of blogging on

Time flies when one is having fun, and I just realized that this blog is now 10 years old. When I started back on February 4th, 2008, the domain community was quite different from today. My primary domain exchange outlet was DNForum, and I had yet to meet with domain investors in the … [Read more...]

Domain brokerage : Communication is the key element

As with every personal and professional exchange, the core element for success is communication. Establishing a set of rules on any transaction, domain brokerage included, ensures that things will go smoothly. The primary platform for my "for sale" domain portfolio has been Uniregistry, since … [Read more...]

Tax season scams : Identity theft scammers are on the loose

It's getting close to that time of the year again, tax season. Whether you're getting a refund from your domain investments, or have to pay taxes, the IRS isn't the only party interested in your financials. Scams are on the rise right before and during the annual tax season, particularly since … [Read more...]