Domain offers: The imaginary client

A recent trend in domain inquiries involves a species that today will receive its 15 minutes of fame: the imaginary client.

Such domain offers attempt to extract a quote, or negotiate a domain sale, on behalf of someone else – that remains conveniently anonymous.

Typically, if an offer accompanies the inquiry, it is well below the selling threshold for that domain. While there is a chance that someone contacting a domain investor to acquire a domain would seek to maximize their profit, it’s highly unlikely that they would even mention the existence of a client in the first place.

To put it plainly, domain offers that involve the ‘imaginary client’ and which reference them in every exchange, are bogus. They fall in the broader category of time-wasters, which I mentioned a few days ago.

If someone contacts you about such a domain deal on behalf of ‘a client’, tell them that their client would have to pick up the phone and contact you directly. Since there is little evidence that ghosts can dial phone numbers, their imaginary client would vanish in thin air, along with the time-waster that invented them.

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