Our car dealer – slash – domain broker wants to make you an offer

The growth that the domain industry has enjoyed in the past few years, is marred by the entrance of ‘parachuting’ professionals.

Salesmen are becoming “domain brokers” overnight, with minimal training and no background in corporate or b2b relationships.

The notorious ‘car salesman’ attitude is finding raw territory in domaining, where anyone can become a “domain broker” and can start laying out their brokered assets.

And that’s fine, because to those of us who have been observing the game for years, it’s evident who is the real domain broker, and who is nothing but a glorified robocaller.

I won’t mention names, in order not to embarrass the companies that employ them, but I’m tired of receiving ‘brokered offers’ for domains of mine, that aren’t listed in those venues.

When I explain that they’re out of their mind if they think I’ll be forking out a 10%-20% brokerage fee, so that their client can place an offer via their marketplace, I’m met with subsequent silence. Perhaps it’s because I explicitly state that the domains are for sale directly, on Internet Traffic inventory and by utilizing Escrow.com. Both these companies have shifted the paradigm of engaging in domain business, each one contributing to improving the processes, methodology and forging of business relationships.

And that’s what separates professional domain brokers from parachuting car salesmen: the latter, will never acknowledge their faux pas; they will simply move on to the next potential buyer to tag their fees on.


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