If at first you don’t succeed, have a relative inquire

Whenever I receive inquiries for domains, the price quoted is custom-tailored to the person that inquires. They also come with a 7-day commitment to that price; anything past that, I cannot … [Continue reading]

How to handle customer rudeness in the domain marketplace

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Sweet Captcha: Solve this little puzzle, spambot!

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Is your domain Registrar receiving private emails meant for you?

The way WHOIS information is presented these days, differs from a year ago. Queries now display information that places emphasis and priority on the Registrar of the domain, including their contact … [Continue reading]

Dutch brand specialist claims domain reselling constitutes ‘theft’

My tolerance of unsavory commentary is relatively high - unless it involves unfounded accusations that are borderline libelous. Then, I would snap; this is part one of an ongoing exchange with a … [Continue reading]