Domain ownership and theft: Will ICANN remain antiquated, slow and bureaucratic?

In October 2014, before the ICANN51 conference in Los Angeles, I implored ICANN officials to include the topic of domain ownership redefinition in their agenda. Facing a dramatic surge in domain … [Continue reading]

Perfect numbers revisited Part Deux: 360 and 100

I've followed the seemingly cryptic obsession of the Chinese for Arabic numerals for years. Around 2002, at a time that I was investing in short LLN and LNN .com domains that were available to … [Continue reading]

A press release is not a rehash of your blog post

Press releases are official statements announcing a milestone, an accomplishment, or an upcoming change about a company. As such, they serve as a public announcement aimed at disclosing information … [Continue reading]

Don’t let employees manage your domains

When you run a business, your assets include domain names; unlike tangible assets, domain names need special care. Keeping track of your asset inventory should extend to domain names as well. If … [Continue reading]

Dot .CLUB Registry did the right thing despite own error

Big kudos to the executives manning the dot .CLUB Registry, for researching, acknowledging, and - most importantly - owning a Registry error. It all started with the astonishing manual registration … [Continue reading]