TRAFFIC ballot: Let women take the lead

There is no doubt that every industry is male dominated due to an artificial imbalance caused by our very own society. This does not mean women professionals aren't as good, it means they aren't given … [Continue reading]

Huion GT-220 drawing tablet: Owner’s review

After roughly seven years of using a Wacom Cintiq 12WX, it was time to upgrade. Two options were available: stick with Wacom and fork out $2,000 for the Cintiq 22HD or go with an alternative tablet … [Continue reading]

Grassroots movements move any industry forward

The propelling force of any industry, domaining included, is the people that form it. Beyond any unions, organizations, associations and clubs, the core of any industry is what constitutes the … [Continue reading]

The never-ending ‘Squatter’ vs ‘Investor’ debate

Cybersquatter. These days the media reports seem to drop the "cyber" part; an apparent fallout with the writings of William Gibson and his "cyberpunk" novels. Squatters are, according to the … [Continue reading]