Close the domain deal quicker with a not-so-appealing alternative

Happy July 4th and TGIF. I've seen some lengthy, multi-part "instructions" recently about how to close domain deals. Things aren't that complex, really. Deals begin with an offer and/or a … [Continue reading]

XYZ / Network Solutions: Cut the bullshit already!


In case you were wondering whether the infamous XYZ promotion by Network Solutions has stopped or not, I can assure you it's still going full force. With more than 200,000 .XYZ domain names under … [Continue reading]

If you send me unsolicited emails, your disclaimers are invalid

Unsolicited email, aka "spam", has been the single most annoying and time-consuming element on the Internet. More than twenty years ago, when I first received such "random" emails, I used to regard … [Continue reading]

Consumers care about brands

The consumer world runs on brands. Household names are associated with products and services, not because of their dot or TLD, but because of the creative part that tags them. Products and services … [Continue reading]

Registries and the igloo ice equation

A lot of math is floating around, some of which appears to be skewed to fit the agenda of the "professors." As I've said before, new gTLDs are not like candy, and therefore it does not matter what … [Continue reading]