Domaining 2015: It’s on, like NamesCon

After attending three TRAFFIC conferences (2008, 2010, 2012), one SedoPRO (2010) and NamesCon (2014) I'm looking forward to next week's Vegas gathering of domain industry professionals. NamesCon … [Continue reading]

Have a prosperous New Year!

The year's about to change on the calendar, and that's when one typically gathers their thoughts on the previous 364 days that passed. For 2014, I'm grateful for the people that made a change in … [Continue reading]

EscrowHill: Perfect for international domain sales

I've been using EscrowHill as a domain escrow service for almost two months now; having documented my first sale to a domestic domain buyer, it's time to share some info about an international sale as … [Continue reading]

GoDaddy pays fast

Three days ago I described my experience with the GoDaddy "Domain Buy Offer" service, outlining the process and how smoothly it went. As I prefer to offer the bulk of my domain portfolio via Domain … [Continue reading]

The Day of Infamy: Pearl Harbor’s legacy

It is true what they say about events that occurred in December: they can't size up next to the Holidays and get lost in the spending glitz. And yet, an important anniversary, that of the attack on … [Continue reading]