Some confusion among domain buyers at Domain Name Sales

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My nominations for THE Domain Conference awards

It feels strange knowing that there's no more TRAFFIC conference. After a decade of successful domain industry shows, Rick Schwartz retired in triumph, and currently safeguards the TRAFFIC name, … [Continue reading]

How much is your .XYZ domain worth today?

The news so far: Google acquired ABC.XYZ, a "domain hack" that perhaps the Campbell Soup Company would also appreciate. Outside of this deal, the substance is about how Google created an umbrella … [Continue reading]

Network Solutions can now merge user accounts

Network Solutions is the original domain registrar, and although the days of $35 dollar /year .com registrations are gone, it retains a large number of domains under management. When I registered … [Continue reading]

Premium gTLDs : Registries should provide a tool to query domain renewal costs

There are plenty of new TLD domains in the aftermarket, some of which carry a premium renewal price. In a previous post, I mentioned how domain auction venues should require from the domain sellers … [Continue reading]