Ethics & the domain industry

Every function of human interaction is governed by ethics - the quintessential, unwritten rules of behavior that define how humans formulate both personal and interpersonal relationships. Without … [Continue reading]

Domainer spamming: “Everyone is doing it”

If you've been receiving email inquiries for your dictionary word domains from a range of Gmail addresses, you aren't alone. These "pings" harvest your email from the WHOIS, and mass-email domain … [Continue reading]

Forwarding inquiries to the Domain Name Sales platform

The introduction of the Domain Name Sales platform, two years ago during TRAFFIC in Ft. Lauderdale, was an industry game-changer. The DNS platform and assorted app - for iOS, currently - have … [Continue reading]

Premium gTLD domain transfers require manual intervention at eNom

I've been using eNom for more than a decade and maintain a portion of my domain portfolio there. When it comes down to gTLD pricing, particularly for Donuts, Inc. domains, eNom appears to offer the … [Continue reading] No more forms to fax or email

During the closing of a domain acquisition at today, I was informed of a pleasant update to how credit card payments are handled. Until now, when making a credit card payment, one had to … [Continue reading]