Tech support feedback is important

When I open a ticket with a domain registrar, or with a related service provider, the primary goal is to get the issue resolved. One has to keep in mind that there are no automata staffing these … [Continue reading]

How the use of a gTLD domain saved a marketing director money and frustration

This is a true story, but some names have been changed to protect upcoming marketing plans. ;) Lana's comment on a business forum was full of frustration, anger, disgust: "They stole my domain and … [Continue reading]

GoDaddy and two-factor authentication update

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How to turn an unsuccessful domain sale to your benefit

On a given day of the week, I receive numerous inquiries for domains in my portfolio, even on weekends; the needs of people and companies for a domain representing their brand never stops. Not … [Continue reading]

Numbers and figures : The psychology of domain bidding

Bidding on domain names in public - or private - auctions, is a process that requires certain elements to be present, as part of a successful strategy. To begin with, domains that are promoted … [Continue reading]