Love, money and the meaning of life

In this time and era we're often caught in the rat-race, and society has changed a lot in the past decade and a half. While the Internet connects billions of people, that digital umbilical cord is … [Continue reading]

NameCheap : No option to expedite domain transfers out

One of the most frustrating characteristics of domain transfers, is the inability to expedite them to the gaining registrar. It's the year 2015, a full decade since EPP / authentication codes were … [Continue reading]

Final thoughts on ‘liquid domains’

By now, the subject of so-called "liquid domains" has been covered ad nauseam. My recent position on the subject generated a lot of interesting commentary, for and against the existence of this … [Continue reading]

In memoriam of 9/11 : From the ashes, new life rises

September 11 marks the haunting legacy of human loss, in an extensive act of terrorism that cost 3,000 human lives. Every year, memories of that day should become stronger, not weaker; they should … [Continue reading]

Are gTLD alternatives “stealing the bread” of traditional domain investors?

Twenty months after the launch of the first new batch of gTLDs, the registration numbers show many interesting things. Top placement for XYZ, which holds 15% of the total, despite allegations for a … [Continue reading]