Domain offers : It’s a can-have, not a must-have

Domain inquiries arrive in all types of colorful examples of how people approach domain ownership. Having been an active domain investor for more than 15 years, I can honestly write a book about … [Continue reading]

Customer service reps : Your job is not to argue with the customers

More than twenty years ago I worked for a Greek ISP as a customer support technician. Those were the early days of the Internet, and the average customer had just upgraded their modems to 14.4 kbps … [Continue reading]

Uniregistry App : Very useful, very dangerous

During last year's summer, I had to drag along an aged laptop to the beach house, just to keep up to the release of previously reserved domains. When typing on an old VAIO was not possible, I used … [Continue reading]

Ghost domains after eNom hands over registrars to Network Solutions

Late last month I pointed out how Network Solutions acquired a group of drop-catching registrars owned by eNom. The list of ICANN-accredited registrars were used by SnapNames to allocate resources … [Continue reading] Brokerage : Is the 15% commission worth it?

Domain Name Sales has announced that they are merging their team with Uniregistry Market, forming Brokerage. The restructuring might seem internal, but it's yet another indication … [Continue reading]