Uniregistry registrations : Use PayPal for registering domains

I've been using Uniregistry for the majority of my new TLD and gTLD domain registrations, thanks to their efficient control panel, quality of support and great bulk pricing. Uniregistry is also … [Continue reading]

Responding to Domain Name Sales inquiries can be a challenge at times

Not all inquiries at Domain Name Sales lead to a positive, constructive exchange. Let's face it: every impersonal communication can deviate from the rules and principles of "in person" exchange. … [Continue reading]

Are all “big cheese” domainers trustworthy?

About a month ago I placed a private offer on a domain at Flippa that triggered my interest, after missing the end of the auction by mere seconds. The offer was for a few hundred dollars, and the … [Continue reading]

100.org and the 100% Campaign launching in New York


I've been privileged to have sold one of my best domains, 100.org, to a great cause. The transaction completed last year, and gave the chance to a great, celebrity-backed campaign about 100% … [Continue reading]

Sweet Captcha : WordPress plugin spread ads serving malware

A year ago I raved over the discovery of Sweet Captcha, a free captcha plugin for WordPress. At the time, and until yesterday, the plugin appeared to do its task quietly, blocking thousands of spam … [Continue reading]