Domain ‘swapping’ requires mutual trust

When it comes down to domain acquisitions or sales, I observe a basic law of trading: money must change hands. In other words, I sell domains for money, and acquire domains for money; no exchanges … [Continue reading]

Detailed: My first domain sale using


Last week I completed my first domain sale using the services of, after coming to an agreement with the buyer over a domain I didn't plan to sell in the first place. It would have … [Continue reading]

How I sold a domain I didn’t plan to sell

As the old saying goes, "everything has a price tag", and while I generally agree, not everything needs to display that tag prominently. Investing in domain names doesn't always come with the … [Continue reading]

Duane Forrester is up for grabs

Meeting Duane Forrester, Bing's search engine guru, during NamesCon was an empowering moment. Duane's not just a remarkably intelligent professional, he also possesses the interpersonal skills to … [Continue reading]

Rust Consulting delivers again as manager of the LCD class action lawsuit settlement funds

If you don't remember who Rust Consulting are, let me refresh your memory; they managed the settlement and rebates from the infamous "Hank Alvarez" scandal for SnapNames in 2009. Rust Consulting … [Continue reading]