The beauty of having multiple options

Having options means you can accomplish things faster, and more efficiently - as long as you're willing to make decisions. When the road ahead is a single route, you are constrained by the … [Continue reading]

Are you on vacation?

Those of us that utilize Domain Name Sales brokers, often speak with amazement about their effectiveness to reach out and complete domain sales on our behalf. Each DNS broker has their own distinct … [Continue reading]

Thoughts on the Radio Shack domain list and auction

After all these years, Radio Shack is being liquidated. The auction for the Radio Shack portfolio of domain names is being handled by Hilco Streambank; the domain list includes 296 domain … [Continue reading]

When the buyer’s ego gets in the way

Not every domain inquiry is perfect, and sometimes the other party's ego - if it's overly inflated - can hurt or ruin a potential sale. Inquiries that attempt to shroud themselves in a mysterious … [Continue reading]

Where you list your domain might determine its inquiry volume

I had an interesting discussion with an experienced domain investor the other day; among the things we talked about, was domain sales venues. He's mostly a seller, so his buying habits are … [Continue reading]