Domains, Easter and American lamb

For millions of Orthodox Christians around the world, Easter Sunday is tomorrow. Today's Resurrection Saturday, a day that signifies the rising of Jesus after three days on the cross, and thus the … [Continue reading]

NameJet, Flippa and Sedo : One necessary improvement in common

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Why commission increase at Domain Name Sales is a good thing

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Your 1st domain acquisition attempt might be your last

If you're actively acquiring domains, take notice. As an active domain investor, I dislike both lowballing attempts, and time-wasting scenarios that do not complete within a reasonable amount of … [Continue reading]

Domain inquiries from unqualified buyers

In recent weeks, there seems to be an increase in domain inquiries placed by unqualified buyers. By "unqualified buyers" I'm not referring to the barrage of spam that arrives from a well-known … [Continue reading]