Domain duel : DropCatch 2 – SnapNames 0

For the second consecutive time, - a NameBright outfit for catching and auctioning dropped domains - beat SnapNames for a domain I was after. Once touted for its ability to beat other … [Continue reading]

Domaining Europe welcomes domainers to beautiful Spain

Domaining Europe 2015 opens its gates officially tomorrow, welcoming domain investors from around the world to beautiful Valencia, Spain. From the 23rd to the 25th of April, an elite number of … [Continue reading]

Oops! Wrong email : My first ever domain sale was an accident

When responding to emails, or composing a new email, one has to be careful about the recipient's address being correct. I tend to double check or triple check the email address, particularly since … [Continue reading]

Domain buyers claiming to have ‘alternate options’

Nothing is more precious than time. It's the one thing that eventually runs out, and we need to be in constant control of, doing the things we like, need and want. When domain inquiries arrive, … [Continue reading]

Happy Birthday, Uniregistry

It's been a year since Uniregistry opened up its gates, as a modern domain registrar; instead of relying on outdated technology, it was built from the ground up to provide efficient domain … [Continue reading]