The never-ending ‘Squatter’ vs ‘Investor’ debate

Cybersquatter. These days the media reports seem to drop the "cyber" part; an apparent fallout with the writings of William Gibson and his "cyberpunk" novels. Squatters are, according to the … [Continue reading]

Domain theft is a threat to your business

A major Internet publication is currently working on an extensive article covering the theft of domains, and they reached out to consult me on such incidents. Over the course of a dozen or so … [Continue reading]

A penny for your email thoughts

Receiving my first true "Internet email" 20 years ago, generated some odd waves - like opening gifts on Christmas day. Years prior, the use of similar email at college to communicate with European … [Continue reading] ticket response breaks new ground

I do not respond to domain inquiries during the weekend. It's a personal choice, and it gives both myself and the potential buyer the opportunity to think things over for 48 hours or so. Obviously, … [Continue reading]

Domain lists look better when sorted alphabetically

I've perused lengthy lists of domains for sale on forums for more than a decade. A large part of my domain portfolio was acquired from dictionary drop lists, from a now defunct service called … [Continue reading]