Domain theft: Should you disclose it, or be quiet about it?

One of the most interesting discussions I had, in the aftermath of the Moniker mass hacking of customer accounts, was related to disclosing domain theft incidents. While it has been a personal … [Continue reading]

What exactly is a secure Domain Registrar?

Modern security principles are stricter than ever. Implementing security at several levels involves the admission that any system is vulnerable by default. Defining the weak points of any … [Continue reading]

Moniker password reset points to apparent mass hacking of accounts


Four months ago I moved my last remaining domain away from Moniker. The timing was apparently right, as today I received notifications of a forced password reset via email. While these emails … [Continue reading]

Perfect numbers revisited


While there is a trend that treats every numeric domain as a coin of sorts, the truth is that not all numbers are created equal. In the course of a decade, I've invested in a limited amount of … [Continue reading]

Lessons learned during the past 100 years

During TRAFFIC 2010 in Las Vegas, I had the opportunity to meet with Natasa Djukanovic of dot .Me and other members of her team. As a Montenegrin, Natasa's excitement over the launch of dot .Me as … [Continue reading]