Why I registered 308745538.com

Just before noon eastern time today, the US Census Bureau announced the results of the 2010 US census.

Among various numbers that were released, the figure “308,745,538” represents the official resident population of the United States for the next ten years.

I’m excited to announce that I was able to register that exact number as a .com – thus securing the single most important number representing USA until 2020.

Why is this number important?

Because regardless of political affiliations, financial status, gender, race, creed, religion or sexual orientation, the ability to declare oneself a formally counted resident of the United States of America is the ultimate honor – being an American out of a country that is 308,745,538 strong.

Currently, 308745538.com is parked at Sedo; in the coming weeks there will be another announcement about the particular use planned for the domain.

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  1. Just wondering…do I get a cut off parking revenue for my count in that number? 😀

  2. Good question, Tia. Please email me your census receipt and I’ll see what I can do 😀

    In all seriousness, parking is temporary and development will be laid out in the coming weeks.

  3. – Hey Honey, how many Americans are there?
    – 308745538, sweetheart.

    – Thank you …wwww.308745538.com.

    You have a gem. Will you sell it to me for $5 million plus 50% of revenue for life?

  4. hmmmm – But if I sold it I’d give up the dream for all 308,745,538 Americans 😀 Sharing a dream is more important.

  5. Yes, please don’t sell my dream! I get %0.000000000001% revenue from this site and I am not giving it up!

  6. Sorry to burst your bubble but the number should
    be 308,745,539………..I forgot to send in my

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