XYZ / Network Solutions: Cut the bullshit already!

In case you were wondering whether the infamous XYZ promotion by Network Solutions has stopped or not, I can assure you it’s still going full force.

With more than 200,000 .XYZ domain names under the management of Network Solutions, it’s mathematically certain that these are all automatic registrations via an XYZ / NetSol agreement.

Having just received my “complimentary XYZ domain” notice for a dot .com domain I transferred away from Network Solutions as documented in a recent post, I can honestly say both companies need to cut the bullshit already!

  • I’m no longer a Network Solutions customer
  • I never asked for an XYZ domain
  • I don’t have to click on any links in order NOT to receive a domain that I did not register

This is an open letter and official notification to the XYZ Registry and Network Solutions, that if that XYZ domain ends up in my account per their quoted date, I will file reports with the BBB and consumer protection agencies for deceptive advertising and abuse of contractual agreement.

I never authorized Network Solutions to stuff domains to my account under any circumstances.




  1. I put a couple of free Cokes in your fridge while you were away. I hope you don’t mind. 😀

  2. Registrations are one statistic and I guess when you consider free .Berlin and .XYZ registrations perhaps a stat which is becoming less reliable. Aftermarket sales to end users are an indication of acceptance of a TLD and a willingness to overlook the fact that the domain is not a .COM but makes for a nice brand. If my .Net and .TV domains start flying off the shelves (along with my two-word .COMs) then I will know that the massive ad campaigns related to new TLDs is raising domain name awareness. Until then I still see the new TLDs as beyond my risk tolerance.

    Regardless, Domain Holdings today did report a solid five-figure new TLD sale.

  3. Aron – Ok. 😀 Let’s analyze this analogy.

    1. You’d have to know that I like Coke vs. Pepsi. I might detest Coke, or I might be allergic to it.
    2. You’d have to have access to my fridge. Since I lock my doors, that means you somehow broke in and reached my fridge.
    3. You’re asking me to throw the Coke out, if I don’t want it. Meanwhile, all my family thinks I bought a Coke, that I love Coke, and that I intend to drink it.

    Not cool.

  4. Leonard – It’s one thing to offer freebies with an opt-in option, and another to tell customers (that are ex customers) to opt out, or they might get something they never wanted in the first place. The “fun” is that I now have proof of how widespread this XYZ campaign is.

  5. Fair enough.
    Sorry to give you an errand… but if you don’t want the Coke — go get it, put in the trash and take the trash to the curb.

    I’m in the business of giving people things (and things to do) that they don’t want.

    Beware of my next attempt… keep your eyes open! O-O

  6. Francois says

    You have a strange way to thanks when you receive a gift.
    If you don’t like it don’t use it, but don’t offend the one who offered to you.

  7. Francois – Let me send you a few gifts then: a pair of unmatched socks that I don’t like, a great painting (according to me) 10×4 that is all red with a yellow dot in the middle. Let me add a ‘gift’ of some putrid food that is savored in Korea as priceless. And a billy goat for Christmas.

    Sorry if they end up at your home address, you don’t have to use them but please don’t offend me, ok?

  8. Francois says

    Send me the brazuca when France will have won the mundial, that’s enough.

    Thanks in advance!

  9. waiting for the first udrp on a domain someone didn’t register.

  10. Have a site hosted by NS for years, get lots of emails but have never been offered a free .xyz domain?

  11. I think if this continue .xyz with mathematical certainty will reach 1-million registrations. I appreciate your stand-point on this and if everyone take step similar to what you’ve taken then it will really put an end to this force.

  12. RaTHeaD – One of the many wrongs of this campaign is exactly that. Thanks for pointing it out.

    Mark – Just wait, they will come.

    Tauseef – Why stop at 1 million, they can do this ad nauseam. It’s a game of numbers and it’s affecting NetSol’s credibility.

  13. I’m with you on this one Acro. Many of my customers have been getting renewal notices from Network Solutions warning them that they need to take action IMMEDIATELY to renew their domain before it expires. Turns out it’s just their .xyz domain, but since they never signed up for it in the first place and did not even know they had the .xyz domain, it scares them into thinking maybe they better renew “just in case”, as opposed to taking any chance at losing their domain name. These are small businesses that do not have budget for IT staff that can explain to them that these notices are complete BS.

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