Domains versus fancy pants, and a fashionable .COM upgrade to a .IO

A recent domain inquiry arrived from a party that operates their own clothes boutique, from an upscale area no less. The introduction included the disclaimer that they did not possess great financial resources for the domain. Nevertheless, it was a direct, polite inquiry that arrived via the … [Read more...]

Domain inquiries : And the improvisation award goes to …

When dealing with domain name inquiries, there is a certain threshold that once crossed, blurs the line that separates real and surreal. The "poor student" claim is rather basic, as compared to an inquiry for a generic, single word domain that I received recently. While I've changed the … [Read more...]

Do not rush to agree to a domain sale

As a long-term holder of domain assets I'm not in a particular rush to sell my domains to the first offer that arrives. Offers come and go, and for the most part domains appreciate in value with time. Even when a reasonable offer is made, it should be the right offer for a particular domain in … [Read more...]

Domain inquiries : Not every CEO is an “arsehole,” but this one is

A startup I worked for many moons ago, thrived on the firecracker personality of its CEO, a Kiwi expatriate. The guy was highly demanding, but was also a good listener that could tell BS and well-documented arguments apart. It wasn't random that despite several rounds of layoffs, I remained with … [Read more...]

Domain inquiries that shun their country’s ccTLD

When receiving a domain inquiry, there are three important elements to help you identify your potential buyer: Their name The email Their IP / locale Assuming that the inquiry maker does not attempt to mask who they are - in which case, you'd have to extract that information - by using … [Read more...]