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The fallacy of anonymity: Cowards on the Net

I was in the second grade at school, when a 10 drachma coin dropped from the pocket of a girl that was chasing me in the playground. Girls chased me ever since because I was sweet towards them - hence, an easy prey. I picked up the coin, laughed at how she failed to catch me and gave it back to … [Read more...] versus – Comparing two PPC companies

In my early domaining days I was simply pointing my domains to a web form for visitors with an interest in purchasing, to leave their contact information. This went on for several years and I can easily say I lost several thousand dollars this way. In 2004 I shyly started using the parking service … [Read more...]

The young entrepreneurs – a boon or a menace?

At the age of 15, I was the typical teenager: doing minimal effort at school, hanging out with friends, trying to impress girlfriends. There were no computers, no cellphones, no Internet to play video games - we hang out at the arcade, feeding coins to the game machines. We had time to go on trips … [Read more...]

Domains and Divorce: Until Registrars do us part

Forget about wedding oaths: they exist in order to be broken. People are not computers that obey to strict code commands, without ever changing their behavior, opinions and preferences. People get married and quite often, they get divorced. A lot of married people are domain owners, or a lot of … [Read more...]

Brother, can you spare a domain?

A CEO of a construction company emailed me once, emphasizing how he'd have to "put food on the family table" than pay any type of fee for a domain I owned. In fact, he outright said that he needed the domain name and by declaring his inability to pay, I should hand it over to him. When I Googled his … [Read more...]