Money makes the world go round?

After reading the incredible news about a Hong Kong real estate magnate offering $65 million dollars to a male suitor that'd "covert" his daughter away from being a lesbian, I am now convinced: money makes the world go round. The problem is, while money gives the world a spin, it doesn't keep it … [Read more...]

QR codes: Now, invisible

Technology evolves daily. The type of evolution that I particularly enjoy learning about, is that of existing standards. QR codes have been around for almost 20 years, and yet they just seem to have taken off due to the explosive growth of smart phone ownership. The cryptic squares can take … [Read more...]

The best domain sales aren’t public

Following up on my previous article with regards to placing cold calls, here is some additional advice from my personal, professional experience. Although at times it's beneficial to get the word out there about your domain assets, other times increased publicity can be the wrong choice. Allow … [Read more...]

Cold calls: Get on the damn phone!

To paraphrase Rick Schwartz, if you're a domainer, you're also a salesman. Or a saleswoman, for that matter. In order to be a successful sales-person, your selling skills must include being able to communicate efficiently, and not just through email. The latter might seem easy, but the … [Read more...]

The ‘poor student’ strikes again

Receiving lowball offers via email isn't something new; the stories I could share are numerous, but for today I'll be focusing on the 'poor student' type. Apparently, those poor students have moved on from making lowball offers from behind a disposable email address, to actually registering an … [Read more...]