Domainer time management: Take the weekend off?

The initial concept of having Sunday off from work, stems from religion. In the Jewish faith, the Sabbath serves the same purpose: taking off a day from one’s activities to worship god. Islam declares Friday as the day of rest.

While I understand and respect the purpose of fully taking that corresponding day off, I can safely joke that if a domain conference were to be attended by the religious folk only, it’d be empty: most tend to conduct a lot of business on a long weekend, spanning Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Quite often, I receive inquiries about domain names during the weekend; while I effectively work seven days a week, I manage my time to incorporate rest & relaxation on the weekend, and for that matter I tend to respond to queries on Monday.

There are exceptions, of course, and while I keep my email responses to a minimum, I will selectively answer emails from people I’ve established a long-standing business relationship with.

To recap: the weekend is yours, and the choice of how to manage your time as a domainer or professional entrepreneur is solely yours.

See you on Monday!


  1. Answering to emails doesn’t take much of my time so I usually answer during the weekends. I try to limit work at a minimum unless I have a deadline.

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