Dan.com delivers excellent back-end support for domain transactions

Last week I completed my first domain sale in October, for a domain I acquired for a few hundred dollars almost 15 years ago. It’s not the first time this long hold of a domain leads to a substantial ROI. The art of determining which assets are worthy of holding long term is part of the learning experience as a domain investor.

In this case, the sale took place on Afternic, where the domain was presented to the buyer due to being listed on Dan.com with a BIN price. I am not a big fan of how GoDaddy forces this type of relationship between Dan.com and Afternic and less than 5% of my domains are listed with a BIN price, as I prefer to negotiate my sales.

Due to the originating platform being Dan.com, I was informed of the extra steps in handling the transaction. The Dan bot took over and managed the domain’s push at the holding account. The manual process of coordinating the exchange took place extremely fast. Dan.com employs some great people, who are well-trained to interface with their counterparts at Afternic fast and efficiently.

The funds were in my bank account the very following day and the buyer has already set up a temporary gaming web site.

It might be worth mentioning that two years ago I declined an offer at half the current selling price, doubling the price at the time out of spite. The buyer, however, is not the same company, which is a lesson in itself: If you truly want to acquire a domain name, nickel-and-diming your approach might cost you the domain.

I’m thankful to the great people at Dan.com for being detail-oriented and expedient with their work.

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