Internet Traffic: LinkedIn addition was a brilliant move

Having just completed a $5,000 sale on Internet Traffic, I need to thank Frank Schilling and his remarkable team in the Caymans, for yet another pair of brilliant additions to the DNS platform.

The introduction of both Facebook and LinkedIn log-ins, expands on the game of understanding your potential domain buyers dramatically.

Although I did receive inquiries with Facebook profiles that didn’t amount to anything, LinkedIn is the definitive professional network, remaining more or less pure from random spammers.

Being able to view accurate information about the buyer, as reflected by a valid LinkedIn profile is an tremendous advantage; in the case of my recent sale, the 500+ connections of the buyer, combined with his locale, allowed me to pinpoint him among others by the same name. On top of that, the DNS interface captures the avatar/image, exactly as used on LinkedIn.

Instant win.

A substantial ROI was thus generated without much effort, other than having a friendly phone conversation with a west coast entrepreneur; as always, the flawless function of helped streamline the domain selling process.

The buyer’s quote below, reflects the ability to use the platform and to communicate efficiently with me, throughout the transaction that spanned two days:

“…it was a pleasure dealing with you. This is the first domain name I’ve actually bought this way because negotiating a price with others was such a cat and mouse game…”

I’m confident that more pleasant surprises are slated to arrive from the Caymans, this summer!


  1. dcmike77 says:

    What’s the advantage for the buyer by listing his linkedin? He’s giving away his only leverage: anonymity.

  2. dcmike77 – The advantage is the ability to connect with a professional account that establishes a respectable channel of communication to the seller. Exactly why I don’t deal with anonymous offers via Sedo etc. or information that cannot be verified. The biggest leverage of a buyer is his budget, really: if he has no money, he won’t get the domain.

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