Internet Traffic: LinkedIn addition was a brilliant move

Having just completed a $5,000 sale on Internet Traffic, I need to thank Frank Schilling and his remarkable team in the Caymans, for yet another pair of brilliant additions to the DNS platform. The introduction of both Facebook and LinkedIn log-ins, expands on the game of understanding your … [Read more...]

Reg fee domainer?

I must say that taking Sunday off worked for the most part; I focused on relaxing and lounging in order to energize for the busy week ahead. Then I went back to reading the 'Sunday paper' - I mean, domainer blogs - and the one about Internet Traffic not paying less than $100 per pay period caught … [Read more...]

Sales privacy: Another reason Internet Traffic is better than Sedo

One of the most popular blog posts is about why I ditched Sedo as my PPC and sales venue, after 8 years of on-off 'abusive' relationship. Into the 3rd month of using Internet Traffic, and while PPC does fluctuate, sales are wholesome. And that's another reason Internet Traffic is better than … [Read more...] pays like a clockwork

In July, I presented my detailed testimonial about and their decade in the industry. In mid-November, I officially completed ten years of using for selling and buying domain names. How time flies by! By migrating my entire domain portfolio from Sedo to Internet Traffic, … [Read more...]

Success: Flushing TDNAM via SedoMLS

Unless you were in a stupor lately, you could not have missed my recent post about how I ditched Sedo - and not just for a single reason. In that post that generated more than 1500 unique views, I explained why I left Sedo after 8 years of being faithful to a "cheating mistress." At least, … [Read more...]