Las Vegas: Where the thieves wear Elvis suits

To everyone heading to Las Vegas for NamesCon 2014, I’m sending out a wave – hey! – for safe travel.

It’s great seeing the weather being in favor of traveling, unlike the “polar vortex” chaos of last week.

Las Vegas is glitz, lights, drinks and gambling, with the occasional high calorie meal. If you’re not a smoker but like to gamble, this is your worst nightmare as smoking is permitted almost anywhere that you can slide a coin into a machine.

Beware of the high tech thieves, they wear an Elvis suit these days: what appears to be a friendly smile, could be an attempt to separate you from your money. Before you know it, Elvis would have left the building, with your ATM PIN and it could cost you a lot more than a pair of blue suede shoes.

While I’m speaking metaphorically, there is plenty of card swiping crime in Vegas; it happened to me during TRAFFIC 2010 and this time around I’ll be more careful in how I engage in transactions.

If you must get cash, walk in the bank and avoid bank ATMs like a vampire detests garlic. Use your credit card whenever possible, unauthorized transactions are typically covered in full by your credit card issuer.

See you in Vegas.

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