Network Solutions: Three days to get the authorization code

As Elliot blogged about, Network Solutions has changed their process of transferring out domain names.

Just like its sister company,, Network Solutions now looks into every request to transfer out domains, manually sending out the authorization code after three days.

While some might think this is for increased security, it’s definitely adding frustration to those who wait until the last minute to renew – or transfer out – domain names.

Network Solutions did send the authorization code after three days of apparently ‘laborious’ security checks on my VIP account. It’s not that I keep a lot of domains there; in fact, since I witnessed this type of process change I will move out the remaining domain names months in advance.

In the world of domaining, convenience and effective management of domain assets is a requirement, when selecting one registrar instead of another, and this type of extra ‘security’ at Network Solutions is a step in the wrong direction.

If Network Solutions wants to implement a security layer, they should learn a lesson from GoDaddy, that offers two-step authentication.

Speaking of security, tomorrow I will publicize a ‘blast from the past’ – right before Verisign acquired Network Solutions for $21 billion dollars.


  1. A small footnote: Network Solutions counts these 3 days as part of the 7 day window of approving the transfer, so only 4 days remain.

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