A press release is not a rehash of your blog post

Press releases are official statements announcing a milestone, an accomplishment, or an upcoming change about a company.

As such, they serve as a public announcement aimed at disclosing information to the media and the consumer of the industry they target.

Press releases follow a format that carries the date and location of the event, the name of the company and an introduction that delivers the news in an efficient, dynamic manner.

Such copy also contains facts and figures, and statements from officers of the company along with other select elements that define it.

The press release, typically, ends with a summary of the company’s role and function, and their contact information.

Taking these elements into account, a press release is not a stitching of blog posts, or of copy that has no structured order. Copywriting *is* a science and requires the text to be easy to understand, comprehensible, and targeted for SEO purposes, once on the Internet.

The language of a press release should convey the message using positive words related to the subject it covers, and should avoid dragging into the description elements that are unnecessary or superfluous.

A press release must also be proof-read before the submit button is pressed, because once out of the bag it can and will be replicated, carrying in every copy potential errors, typos and other inaccuracies.

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