A fistful of GoDaddy dollars

It finally happened: the legendary Bob Parsons will no longer be in charge of the company he founded, GoDaddy.com

Not many seem to like GoDaddy for practices of the past. And yet, the biggest domain registrar in the world with 40 million domains seems to have found the Holy Grail of domaining: controversy.

When it wasn’t about the buxom GoDaddy Girls that had “wardrobe malfunctions” in Super Bowl commercials, Bob himself would make sure the attention drawn to his persona and GoDaddy remained constant.

The scandal of Bob Parsons taking aim at and killing an elephant in Africa only temporarily hurt the GoDaddy image, primarily after PETA – an association that holds its own record of controversial marketing – complained about the incident.

I can understand Mike’s sentiments over at DomainConsultant. It’s not easy to swallow a bigger than life icon and his assorted antics. The fact is, that Bob Parsons stood up during rough times by utilizing a shrewd amount of innovation, timed marketing and – why not – pure luck.

The end result of all these years of Bob Parsons’ personal involvement with the domain industry is of course pay day. The $2.25 billion sale of GoDaddy – half of which is incurred debt – signifies that aiming large is the way to success.

It’s the all-American, capitalist way. Happy Independence Day, America.


  1. Kudos to Bob and the whole team @ Go Daddy who did it their way regardless of what people thought.

  2. congrats to Bob the billionaire! 🙂 I only hope that GoDaddy doesn’t go the route of many companies that get bought out, where the acquiring party looks at how they can cut corners in an effort to maximize profitability, and water down the product/service

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