A Tale of Two Cities

My dentist is ailing, and his new assistant, who spoke with a Middle Eastern accent, saw me after my regular six month cleaning.

I was surprised to learn he is from Syria, and he was equally surprised I was aware of the monstrosities happening in his homeland right now.

Luckily, his immediate family is in the US, having moved out before things turned really nasty.

More than 300 people, men, women, children and seniors – without discrimination – are being killed in Syria every day, by Bashar Hafez al-Assad who rules Syria with a bloodied iron fist.

Later today, I saw this image below on CNN.com – side by side photos from two different worlds:

Tale of two cities.

What a striking difference in people’s emotions, interests and demeanor. It’s shocking, provocative and inhumane; almost like news from two different planets. Makes me feel guilty about the luxuries I enjoy in my daily life.

If you want to help the children of Syria that have been shell-shocked by this madness, donate at the UNICEF Fund for Syrian Children. Show the world that Americans do care, even if their leaders are currently more concerned about the outcome of elections.

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