Abusing the term ‘premium domains’

I’ve seen this happen time and again: a seller, perhaps eager to promote their wares, tags the domains for sale as “premium”.

The sad truth is that very few domains would qualify as such. In plain speak, the term “premium domains” is being abused, left and right.

To be considered “premium”, a domain name must meet certain strict requirements. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dictionary word, it must be a common and non-obscure one.

Domains that are words which carry a lot of negativity fall outside the “premium” category as well. Excluding the factor of controversy, a buyer would rarely pay premium price for a domain that reeks of negativity.

Generally speaking, premium domains are .com, .net and .org domains of short, clear, brandable and positive character. They are words – preferably verbs or nouns – which cannot be misspelled; at least not by 8th graders.

Surprisingly, premium domains can contain a dash or be two-worders. An example of a premium domain is PremiumDomains.com – a domain marketplace by Domaining.com owner, French entrepreneur Francois Carrillo.

Visit PremiumDomains.com to view (and buy) some examples of premium domain names.


  1. Member on NP posted facebooklikes dot org as premium.

  2. I thought premium domains are domains you want to own but not currently available for hand register and therefore you need to pay a “premium” for said name. So by definition all registered domains are premium domains if you wish to own it.

  3. Poor Uncle – No, that’s not the case. “Premium” is a reference to quality, not availability.

  4. ok… i think i get it now. so whores.com might be a premium name but… whoreswith festeringsores.cc is probably not not. s

  5. Gnanes – Premium trademark violation, for sure.

    Todaro – Something like that.

  6. All of my domains are premium.

  7. Leonard Britt says

    I would agree the phrase “premium domains” is abused but I believe it is less about being a .COM or having a certain search volume and more about desirability. If noone is willing to open their wallet for a domain, is it really premium?

  8. Premium domain …Just like premium pizza…with larger slice…

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