Affiliate program no more at Uniregistry

As a beta tester at Uniregistry, I opened one of the first accounts for its Affiliate Plus Program, six years ago.

The program paid handsomely, with 20% being standard on domain registrations, renewals and transfers done with one’s ID. Retention of products (domain names) was dependent on how faithful registrants were to the Registrar.

Sadly, the program has been terminated, via an announcement today.

Uniregistry, now a GoDaddy company, is locking its focus onto existing money-making products geared for domain investors primarily.

Participation in the affiliate program lost its steam, apparently, but it was good while it lasted. From my perspective, a lower payout limit would have kept the system going longer, and I don’t recall much promotion of it past the first couple of years. While some successful affiliate programs can run on auto-pilot, they also need nurturing.

Do check your affiliate program balance – it’s almost certain that there is one – and it’s expected to be moved to your Uniregistry balance a month from now.

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