Art is important to the domain industry

Just came back from a day full of local festivities, here in Orlando, FL.

The Winter Park art festival takes place twice a year, and the weather today – breezy and cool – helped lure out thousands of people.

The Autumn event was packed with quality exhibits from local and far-away artists, music and good food. The chicken souvlaki wraps were priced high, but they topped anything I had before outside of Greece.

I had the opportunity to talk to a number of artists, that create paintings working with mixed media, oil, watercolors and sumi ink. I would classify three of them as masters, as they presented amazing pieces of art, belonging to a national gallery or the homes of eclectic patrons.

Art is important to the domain industry, as artists seek to secure their identity online. Roughly 80% of those artists whose work stood out, have web sites, and although they prefer to showcase their work in public they do want to share it and sell it online as well.

Most of them used their full names, or last names with the word “art” as a suffix. They all used .com domains, and almost 99% used email addresses other than their domain names, mostly Gmail, Hotmail or MSN. This latter fact clearly surprised me. It’s an indication that to the artists, work and personal matters intermix; they want to be able to check a single email on a daily basis.

Investing in art domains is something that I do; at the same time, today was an opportunity to have some fun and reach out to other creative individuals, outside of the domain industry.



  1. Puckerhuddle says

    I am also a arts supporter and investor in art domains. I have just come back from a studio tour and it was a great day. I recently registered a number of names related to art studio tours, an activity that has become quite popular here in Ontario. I am looking at developing a directory of studio tours and I believe there may even be funds available from some government tourism ministries. Like yourself I always feel invigorated after a art show.

  2. An example of how art can be rewarding: Painting sold for over $34 million dollars.

  3. One take on this collision between art and domains is that if you are an artist, you may want to register domains with the intent of producing works that you can “title” with the domain.

    For instance, you can do a painting of turtles and call it “”. Just think of the increased interest if you decide to sell the painting and domain as a package.

    People will love it.

    This and been another domaining tip from “I AM Not Romney”.

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