Bitly should stop using the Libyan .ly TLD

Bitly is perhaps the most popular URL shortener, and it has been using the “” domain hack for quite some time.

For the lazy out there that don’t want to type, the version saves them three whole keystrokes.

Now that Chris Stevens, US ambassador in Libya has been killed, it is important for American companies such as Bitly to re-assess their priorities.

Domains registered in Libya are under the direct control of the state, and the state of Libya is explicitly unfriendly to the US.

And yes, is also registered.

Users of the Bitly services should use the .com variant and discourage others from using the Libyan counterpart.

Bitly should move to and take off the air. It’s the American thing to do.


  1. One dead greedy MF. Ambassadors that aren’t that greedy don’t go to such locations.

    Anyway, US & French brainwashed taxpayers made this happen.
    Congratulation for allowing your government to f**kup one of few normal countries in Africa.

  2. ShuwiX – So Libya under dictator Gaddafi was normal? And how did the US screw up anything, the Libyan uprising was a revolution of its people.

    For a Slovak, you have a point of view strangely close to that of middle eastern radicals.

  3. Acro.. don’t get yourself involved in this.. it’s best not to!

    Unless you are becoming a political domainer, in which case the best of luck with that..

  4. Regardless of politics and Libya’s current stance toward the West, the ccTLD of Libya has had a very checkered history. One should never use unstable extensions for serious projects.

    A few links for your entertainment:

    Buying .ly domains under Gaddafi’s rule was certainly not a smart move, not any smarter than buying .cn domains before the clampdown.

    PS: congrats on the new layout 🙂

  5. Andreas – There is nothing wrong being involved with political issues or social issues. There are two distinct categories in my blog, check them out:

    Kate – Thank you and good points.

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