Blockchain domains : What sells, and what doesn’t

New technologies, such as blockchain, offer the opportunity to diversify one’s investments into real applications leveraging old problems.

During MERGE! 2017 I was able to accumulate a lot of hands-on information, on how existing systems such as inventory, contractual agreements and real estate will be benefiting from using a blockchain ledger. The list is expanding in a manner that defines blockchain as one of the biggest technological changes of our generation, according to Ryan Colby of Token Fest.

Domain investors seem to focus on registering domains that utilize the technology’s keywords: crypto, bitcoin, blockchain, ledger, and even ethereum – although the latter is a registered trademark.

But not everything needs to be keyword-specific, in order to associate with the new technology related to blockchain.

Companies issuing tokens via an initial coin offering (ICO) in order to support their applications and services, are in need of a good, positive domain name. Many of them go after tech terms or terms related to globally recognizable elements, such as celestial bodies or Greek mythology creatures.

Having completed yet another transaction using the Concierge service, I am able to say that there is a good amount of money to be made if you’re in possession of domain keywords from the same genre.

Keep in mind, that most blockchain technology companies are bootstrapping using a small chunk of money, and they will go for the .IO first; a few months later they will realize they need the established qualities of the .COM, .NET or .ORG TLDs.

In terms of cost, a dot .ORG comes at about 10% of the matching .COM but in some cases one can extract considerably more money for their .ORG investments.

To recap: Change your focus, from solely technology keywords to generic keywords that could describe a new coin or token positively. You can find a great resource at


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