Buyer takes control of the domain five months later

While I’m known for engaging in fast domain sales, particularly via Sedo, some buyers just take their time to complete their part of the transaction.

One such example I witnessed yesterday.

I use DomainTools’ alerts to see what goes in and out of Sedo escrow on a daily basis, and a domain I sold in December popped up.

At first I thought the domain was resold by its buyer, but then I looked up its history using DomainTools.

Apparently, the buyer wanted to transfer the domain out to a new registrar, as part of the transaction. Obviously, my part of the deal ended when I pushed it to the Sedo account with Fabulous. Sedo then informed the buyer to transfer the domain out to GoDaddy, and the buyer took their sweet time to do so.

Five months later, the domain is in the hands of the buyer. Judging by the amount of traffic the domain had when it was in my possession, at least $300 in PPC revenue was lost in the meantime.

As the buyer, it’s important to keep track of your transactions and outgoing transfers, or you might end up losing domains this way.

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