Can someone else add your “for sale” domain on is a domain marketplace that in recent years propelled itself onto the top list of favorite platforms for domain investors.

Domain sellers and buyers engage through its well-planned interface and exchange process of funds/domain, making the process a cinch. After testing the platform for a while, my first domain sale on was almost for $20,000 dollars.

Currently, I’m skeptical about how will continue to retain this exceptional growth and independence, what with being acquired by GoDaddy. That being said, I’m still adding domains for sale on, moving them away from the Uni Market.

One of these recent addition attempts created a problem: the domain was already added on by someone else.

The domain in question is an ultra-premium LLLL .com I acquired more than a dozen years ago. I never added it to before and it was always parked at either Sedo or the Uni Market. Therefore, I assume that someone added it to illegitimately.

Can someone else add your “for sale” domain on

Once I changed the domain’s DNS to nameservers, the domain was resolving; the page’s lander was the typical page and on that page the supposed seller’s profile was linked to their other domains for sale on

Our guy has listed a whopping 13,753 four letter .com domains on, or about 3% of the available namespace! It’s clear that the list is not legitimate and I’ll be reaching out to support about this.

How did I resolve the issue and added my domain to my portfolio at

I had to go to my account Settings, then click on Ownership, and enabled the top option that automates domain ownership via the use of nameservers. Then, having selected the “Verification via .hosting tld” option, I copied that long DNS setting and added it as my third nameserver at my domain’s settings at the Registrar.

There is one more option under that setting, “Verification via .hn tld” and a separate option to add a TXT record to your domain’s DNS. The latter is useful if you host the domain on a server, perhaps displaying a custom lander.

Overall, it took very little to overcome this domain ownership issue at and I hope that others that may have the same problem can quickly resolve it.


  1. I’ve run across this issue on Dan before.

    Changing nameservers to and a quick message to support solved the problem for me.

    There seems to be quite a bit of front-running on Dan, so tightening the verification process is an value add opportunity.

  2. J.R – I was under the impression that when a domain is added to the system checks the DNS first. Apparently, early on when Dan was Undeveloped the process wasn’t as tight and some sellers might have taken advantage of that.

    Choosing the custom DNS record ensures that the legitimate owner who has access to the domain’s DNS can verify it. Same with using TXT records. The Dan support team now has all the relevant information to suspend other such domains not owned by the seller.

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