Change happens whether we like it or not

Philosophy was one of my favorite subjects at school, and to this day the theses of ancient Greek philosophers help me define my overall path in life.

Attributed to Heraclitus, is the statement “everything changes, nothing remains the same.”

When embarking on a voyage’s path, even if one had to retrace their steps and repeat the voyage, it would not be identical to the first one.

Changes, as minute as they appear at first, often become monumental and so do the decisions that must be made at the forking points of one’s path.

The ability to adapt and adopt change, to accept its presence and influence, determines survival and success. Change occurs whether we want it or not, sometimes unexpectedly, other times it looms on the horizon for a long time in advance.

At this point in time, we are at a pivoting stage, where things are about to shift in how domain names are formed. The new era of TLD-agnostic brands is emerging, a byproduct of maturity and consensus that resulted from more than five years of active polling.

With the introduction of gTLDs, ICANN is repaving the entire Internet highway, expanding its lanes from a measurable width to one without limits.

One does not have to take the route that opens up, but those amongst us who are attracted to the new, the unexplored, the different are definitely going to embrace these additional options. The initial fear of venturing down a road with unfamiliar signs, can be overcome; the adrenaline rush is a natural survival element of all humans, and it is projected in business decisions as well.

The biggest challenge will be to limit ourselves, and to keep steering the ship in a direction that is both entertaining, educational and profiting. There will be rocks looming along the way, and one can’t rely on maps when sailing in uncharted territory; relying on a business plan and one’s gut instinct will provide enough starting energy to ride the winds.

For the first time in our lifetime, the option to succeed won’t be limited by the word to the right of the dot; it’s as if a rusty chain will be removed from the legs of our business. The choice to become whoever we want to become is an important factor in this expansion of how businesses are located on the Internet map.

It’s time to focus, or fail. It’s time to ride the wave and sail, instead of digging for fool’s gold, all while remaining chained by the beach.


  1. Leonard Britt says

    I was reading a book on Entrepreneurship and came across an interesting stat on the adoption rate (25% of households) of new technologies
    Auto 55 years
    Television 26 years
    PC 15 years
    Internet 5 years

    Currently in the US .COM has far more registrations than any other TLD. How long will it take for companies to seriously consider other TLDs in their branding strategies? I cannot answer that question.

  2. Hi Leonard – Great question. You notice in these numbers the adoption rate of 25% is reached faster with every new technological innovation. This is a direct result of globalism and the Internet. The year 2014 is the pivotal point that will help define the corporate strategies for the future. Here’s a related article. 🙂

  3. Not for me………I learned my lesson well with .XXX, .CO and .MOBI…………

  4. Alan – There is a difference between making a decision based on the options available, and one where there are no alternatives. It’s Capitalism vs. Communism as far as consumers are concerned. The Iron Curtain is about to fall.

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