Close a deal faster: Transfer the domain to the buyer’s registrar

During the process of selling a domain name successfully, any amount of additional effort on your part pays off.

When selling a domain asset for thousands of dollars, a lot are at stake: time is of the essence, and the overall impression you make as a seller, can be very important to the buyer.

As a gesture of practical, yet genuine attempt to impress your buyer, you can transfer the domain to their registrar, prior to pushing it to the holding account.

This method achieves two things, at a minimal cost: extends the life span of the domain by one year – often, a necessary action if the domain expires in less than 90 days – and indicates that you are a sportsman in your field.

Having said that, I can confirm that GoDaddy is the culprit of a problematic WHOIS update as the gaining registrar; two separate losing registrars seem to have produced the same results at GoDaddy.

The glitch has not been fixed, and it produces missing WHOIS information once the transfer to GoDaddy is complete. Keep that in mind, when you transfer domains to GoDaddy and double check the WHOIS.



  1. I have always given the buyer the option to push or transfer, and explained the process if they’re newcomers. I did an instant transfer from godaddy to buyer with namecheap the other day, took 10 minutes. I won’t ever knock transfer again..the incoming domains’ whois inaccuracy is unfortunate, I’ve had to fix mine on multiple occasions. =/

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