Cutting edge isn’t always the best option

Just finished going through a two-plus hour down-time of my server; the culprit being, a new security update to CPanel.

The popular and rather complex back end software for Linux servers, issued a security update, then reported problems with an initial release.

Those of us that allowed the installation of the first batch, witnessed a broken CPanel and WHM system.

As it is, I had the not so bright idea to recompile Apache right after the update; the end result was a crippled server.

If it matters, I used this solution to force a full installation of the binaries for Perl and CPanel:

/scripts/perlinstaller --force Storable
/scripts/upcp --force

After that, I recompiled Apache with no problems.

A lesson learned: don’t go after cutting edge releases in system software; always wait for the next update.


  1. what people are thinking says

    nobody cares

  2. Thanks for the heads up, Theo. My own (very early) upgrade appeared to go smoothly, but I just forced reinstallation of Perl and CPanel using the above commands, to be on the safe side. It literally only took 2 minutes.

  3. “what people are thinking” – Your comment is ironic to read, as witnessed by George’s response 😀

    George – Glad that my 2 hours of tweaking didn’t go to waste 😀

  4. I have been skipping windows versions because of that rule since Windows 3.1.
    Skipped Windows Millennium and XP. Stayed with Windows 2000. I am using a custom made Vista build that has crashed maybe twice in years… I am waiting to see what my next upgrade will be. Windows 7, 8 or something else?

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