Cutting edge isn’t always the best option

Just finished going through a two-plus hour down-time of my server; the culprit being, a new security update to CPanel.

The popular and rather complex back end software for Linux servers, issued a security update, then reported problems with an initial release.

Those of us that allowed the installation of the first batch, witnessed a broken CPanel and WHM system.

As it is, I had the not so bright idea to recompile Apache right after the update; the end result was a crippled server.

If it matters, I used this solution to force a full installation of the binaries for Perl and CPanel:

/scripts/perlinstaller --force Storable
/scripts/upcp --force

After that, I recompiled Apache with no problems.

A lesson learned: don’t go after cutting edge releases in system software; always wait for the next update.


  1. what people are thinking says:

    nobody cares

  2. Thanks for the heads up, Theo. My own (very early) upgrade appeared to go smoothly, but I just forced reinstallation of Perl and CPanel using the above commands, to be on the safe side. It literally only took 2 minutes.

  3. “what people are thinking” – Your comment is ironic to read, as witnessed by George’s response 😀

    George – Glad that my 2 hours of tweaking didn’t go to waste 😀

  4. I have been skipping windows versions because of that rule since Windows 3.1.
    Skipped Windows Millennium and XP. Stayed with Windows 2000. I am using a custom made Vista build that has crashed maybe twice in years… I am waiting to see what my next upgrade will be. Windows 7, 8 or something else?

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