The Day of Infamy: Pearl Harbor’s legacy

It is true what they say about events that occurred in December: they can’t size up next to the Holidays and get lost in the spending glitz.

And yet, an important anniversary, that of the attack on Pearl Harbor, deserves to be brought out of obscurity, each and every year.

As every year passes by, the veteran survivors of the Japanese attack on Hawaii fade away, forgotten by the mainstream media that appears to neglect those that were lost in the attack, and those that survived it.

The Day that will remain in Infamy marks the entrance of the US in World War II, an event that would greatly help determine its outcome.

It is a disgrace that Disney holds hostage the domain name, as a relic of its movie by the same title. The domain currently does not even resolve.

As noted on, to counter this shameful disregard of the WWII veterans that died during the Japanese attack on the US fleet, domain investor David Castello has created a page in honor of the veterans.

Visit for some valuable information about the “day of infamy” – December 7, 1941.

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