Domain duel : DropCatch 2 – SnapNames 0

For the second consecutive time, – a NameBright outfit for catching and auctioning dropped domains – beat SnapNames for a domain I was after.

Once touted for its ability to beat other drop catching services, such as Pool, SnapNames charges $69 as a basic fee.

DropCatch charges $59.

Operating in an industry that measures success in milliseconds, DropCatch appears to be using better-located servers and faster software that grabs the domain of one’s choice.

So far, I did not have to participate in an auction, and the domain, once paid for, ended up in my NameBright account for easy management. While I am not fully sold on the use of the latter as a domain registrar, I appreciate its integration with DropCatch.

Adding insult to ‘injury’, SnapNames followed up an email about its failure to secure the registration, with another offering the domain for sale. Apparently, the previous owner had listed it for sale on Afternic, and SnapNames wants some ‘man in the middle’ dollars, if I were to acquire it at the advertised price.



  1. Prophet of Truth says

    Sounds like your picking crappy names…I know without question is the most powerful backorder service. I have placed 315 “drop” backorders in the past 18 months using,, and can’t get anything right…I have been told twice I have won domains I in no shape or form whatsoever ordered!!! Twice mind you!

    Without question is quite the force but I ASSURE YOU they are not the top dog!!!

    In fact I personally know a way to keep Dropcatch from getting ANY domains!!!

    BUT THAT is insider info!!!

  2. Propheth of Truth – Not only the domains aren’t crappy but SnapNames’ epic fail continues, so your statement appears rather biased. Either share the method or I call bullshit.

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