Domain inquiries : Email autoresponders can reveal your identity, and more

When making domain inquiries through a platform that can be semi-anonymous, the other party can receive more information than you originally planned to give away.

For example, even if you gave out a partial or even false name, it’s linked to an email address.

It’s quite possible that by using a legit email address, as opposed to a throwaway email, you’re attempting to establish future communications, past the domain seller’s initial response. After all, if you want to buy a domain, you’d better be who you claim to be.

Regardless of your motives, when that email has an autoresponder enabled, you’re undoing the level of privacy you were after.

It all depends on the info revealed in that autoresponder email, of course; a recent inquiry I received via the Uniregistry Market, gave that person’s corporate position, department and phone number, none of which arrived with the initial inquiry.

It basically did all the research for me, without the need to try to find which “John Smith” they are.

I also found out that they are on vacation until after Easter, in which case I plan to be more lenient with the expiration of my quoted price; perhaps I should also greet them with a “how was your vacation” ice breaker. 😀

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