Domain inquiries : Turn off that autoresponder email

Communicating on a platform such as the Uniregistry Market can have its challenges.

I recently mentioned how some inquiries assume the Uniregistry domain selling platform is a live chat of sorts; Uniregistry is currently working on adding a note that describes the response expectations.

Another issue I came across that isn’t really a glitch, is the automatic response email from the potential buyer.

There are two variants that I’m aware of: the email verification for anti-spam purposes, and the general autoresponder email.

The first kind is understandable, and a couple of times I went through and confirmed the email in order to proceed with further communication.

The autoresponder kind is rather silly to use in an active email communication that involves buying a domain. It also indicates that you are not “away” as you claim to be.

Just as you would not switch your phone to automatic voicemail when expecting inbound calls from e.g. a car dealership or other service, keeping an autoresponder on when placing domain offers is counter-productive, and annoying.

Although I find it educational to find out exactly who the potential buyer is and what they are up to – one recent inquiry came from someone on maternity leave – I think it’s overall unprofessional.

Turn that feature off before contacting me, as I don’t need to get updates on your location or family status with every message.

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