Domain investor’s guide to gTLDs

Domain investors were given ample time to define a strategy involving gTLD domain names.

For the past year and a half, the details of this monumental change in the Internet name space became increasingly available; while the road that led to the creation of a “white paper” on gTLDs has been rocky, the end result is simple: gTLDs are here, and they are here to stay.

Given that conclusion, any investing approach that excludes gTLDs from one’s portfolio can severely undermine future opportunities; eventually, it can prove to be catastrophic, as more end users align their options with meaningful “keyword + gTLD” brands, instead of opting for long tail .com domains at exuberant prices.

A strategic approach to domain investing should introduce variety in a gTLD portfolio that spreads the risk and increases potential ROI, by getting in the market early on. The “gold rush” of the .com era is essentially being repeated, at a much grander scale and with larger repercussions than before.

Smart domain investors will approach strategic acquisitions of gTLD domains, utilizing a well-thought game plan.

  • Research your market keywords: do not randomly register keywords that are esoteric, with no combined results for keyword + gTLD.
  • Avoid trademarks like the plague: USPTO is a good starting point, but it only covers the US. You should research the European tm databases for potential conflicts.
  • Define a budget: decide on the maximum amount of money you plan to spend and work very diligently to remain within 10% of that budget.
  • Get in as early as your budget can afford: the best domains will be gone by General Availability; your best chance is during landrush, when pricing is lowered gradually.
  • Spread your budget across several gTLDs, despite the urge to register every great domain available; there are hundreds of gTLDs arriving throughout 2014 and beyond – lay out a plan in advance.
  • Focus on your strategy and keep your eyes open, and your ears closed to dissenting voices. Do what feels right, once you research the plan don’t let negativity keep you down.

By utilizing this type of strategic approach to domain investing, you will be able to acquire valuable domain assets that you can develop or resell – once the millions of end users discover what just happened, it would be effectively late.

Being a domain investor pioneer has its dangers and rewards.

Play smart; as with any uncharted territory, you will be using your experience and gut feeling to propel you forward.


  1. Aaron Strong says

    Very well said!!!… Thank you!!!………..Keep the posts and comments coming, please…

  2. Frank Schilling says

    This is very accurate and altruistic guidance.

  3. Could someone answer my question? If you buy a gtld in landrush and pay a premium, do you have to pay that premium every year you renew, or will the renewal price be what it would be at general availability?

  4. Aaron – Thank you for your kind comment, and for raising awareness on the availability of single letter gTLDs.

    Frank – It’s a small part of what I referenced in private. Thank you for your kind words!

    Tom – No, the premium is just to skip the waiting line during landrush; the annual renewal price varies, but it does not incur the premium price again.

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