Domain Name Sales brokers among the best professionals in the industry

It’s not always about the sales.

As a domain investor, I am thrilled when offers arrive; the increased visibility gained by using Domain Name Sales is unparalleled in all of the years I utilized such domain selling venues.

In my book, what matters the most in a business relationship, is the ability to communicate effectively and to maintain a professional exchange – even if it doesn’t lead to a sale.

Communication with the brokers of Frank Schilling’s team has been stellar.

They are there to respond to inquiries and negotiate with potential buyers; every singe time that I spoke to a DNS broker on the phone, I was impressed by their expertise and dedication to their job.

Big thanks to Darryl, Jessica, Alan, Wade and others I’ve been in touch with. Your task isn’t easy, but you’ve made my job easier and an absolute pleasure.

It is refreshing to see such a dedicated team perform in unison and I am confident that it will only get better!


  1. Theo have your sales inquires increased with syndication? How do you handle not knowing who the buyer is?

  2. hi Tom – I do not use syndication (GoDaddy) currently. That feature was the breaking point with Sedo, and I don’t think I will be utilizing it in its current form.

  3. We are also in contact with this great team on a daily basis, and their professionalism is top-notch on every level.
    Since syndication, we have seen inquiries increase by to 30%-40%. The 2-fold added exposure is invaluable to getting more doors opened and more sales generated in the same amount of time as beforehand.
    I drop my top-hat off to the team and their leader.

  4. Your forward thinking is actually very correct. I have been using it and the leads are up, but it feels like they are reg fee chasers, and we are just burning leads, and the potential solid leads info is not visible, so making semi blind offers.

  5. Yes, they are all pretty damn good.

  6. No doubt, DNS has a superb team and I am pretty impressed about the good news on the company.

    I had been in contact with someone at DNS but when it was time for me move domains to their platform, they said before I will be accepted into their platform, i will need over 100 domains.

    So, I wanna ask: is this true?

  7. Jman

    Please email me

    Each submission is reviewed on a case by case basis.



  8. I can only agree, great team indeed, big thanks also to the Support & Tech team, to Tiffany, John, Heather, James (sorry if I forgot someone), who are very patient with my optimization needs and specific questions (yes, I guess I’m a sort of “power user” of their support ;)) and the new Dev Blog guys.
    Chapeau! to all Frank’s team.

  9. Completely agree. I’ve not only received top notch service, but have also increased leads and sales.

  10. I have been with DNS about a year now and although no sales yet, the system is great, I do get inquiries and offers, the interaction with the app is very nice, and I know when a qualified lead does come in DNS has the brokers to handle them. The automated follow up system is a great touch, and I’ve already had old leads come back to up their offers and still show interest, so it does work.

  11. Agreed ! The DNS team are best at what they do ! They’re prompt and what i especially like about them is they never undervalue a domain at pricing stage for the sake of raising the chances of closing a deal ! Each time i asked them for an advise on how much to ask of a given domain they surprised me with figures extremely close to my expectations to begin with. They provide the customer with a sense of security that no other platform provide !

  12. Domainstock says

    The only thing that concerned me when seeing sales was it seems their own domains got higher priced sales then others selling through their platform

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