Domain offers : I can do $X,XXX tonight only

When receiving offers for domain names, the exchange can become progressively interesting as negotiations unfold.

Domain offers are often mere “pings” on a domain, to gauge its owner’s activity, but some times they are honest inquiries with a random number tagged to them.

The task of issuing a domain name quote is dependent on the domain’s qualities, but can most definitely adjust based on the party that inquires about it.

Some times, the other party resorts to some hasty techniques, upping their offer from a few hundred dollars, to a number in the low four figure ($X,XXX) range.

That quick jump can be perceived as an indication of true interest by some, but if it doesn’t match the domain’s valuation, there is no reason to be excited about.

A note that I often receive on the Uniregistry Market that I use primarily, is that of a “tonight only” reference.

It seems as if the other party sees the end of daylight as their extended deadline, and I tend to find it amusing. I usually respond with, “no worries, I don’t make overnight decisions.”

The truth is, that a serious buyer never peppers their approach message with such social, conversational statements. They want to buy the domain, they state their budget, and respond accordingly to the seller’s quote or counter-quotes.

If you receive a note issuing a “tonight only” deadline, just tell them to sleep on it.

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