I don’t know Carlito

I don’t know Carlito. He’s not a domainer, he’s a complete stranger.

He’s the father of a friend’s friend, and his daughter’s plea showed up on my Facebook timeline on Friday.

Carlito is spending his final days painting – having never painted before in his life – in order to leave on canvas memories of himself, for his wife and kids to keep.

There’s an immeasurable amount of dignity in wishing to carry on living, against the slim odds of winning stage four cancer.

Carlito’s family will need every dollar they can get – not from people they know, but from those perfect strangers that never met Carlito in their lives.

Money is a strange element. It has the power to transform pain and suffering into gratitude and joy, when used for the right cause. There are thousands, millions of people that can benefit from a donation, at any given time.

Today, this is for Carlito – and the painted portraits of the wife he fell in love with, 45 years ago.

Please consider donating a coffee’s worth, or more. I didn’t think twice about it.

Link to the GoFundMe assistance fund. Please share.

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