DotSauce Magazine relaunched today

Mark Fulton‘s DotSauce Magazine is back; after a hiatus of exactly 687 days, the publication relaunched today.

Covering subjects related to domains, domain investing, SEO, marketing and development, DotSauce Magazine will also be hosting regular contributions by yours truly.

DotSauce has been one of these publications that offered a lot of insight to the communities it addresses, and I’m glad that Mark restored it to active status.

Fusion content publications are important for any industry. Mark’s publication combines news and information that appeals to domain investors, developers and SEO specialists.

The community of domain investors is rapidly expanding outside of the few key players, to a community of highly skilled, educated and intelligent individuals. That’s a departure from the so-called “flipper” mentality that some still opt to retain, and entrepreneurs that wear multiple hats are destined to succeed.

My first contributing article, How to Write Great Domain Sales Copy, kick-starts a new DotSauce, and I’m honored to be part of its relaunch.


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