Duane Forrester is up for grabs

Meeting Duane Forrester, Bing’s search engine guru, during NamesCon was an empowering moment.

Duane’s not just a remarkably intelligent professional, he also possesses the interpersonal skills to deliver his knowledge and wisdom, in powerful blasts of information.

As the closing speaker at NamesCon, he delivered the facts with a charming eloquence that big comedians possess, and yet, he was 100% serious.

The sad news, is that Duane’s position at Microsoft has been eliminated. Any professional losing their job of several years faces an initial shock that soon becomes the driving force for bigger and better things.

Duane Forrester is up for grabs, and any company with a sane plan to achieve a breakthrough in the domain industry, or in the technology sector, would love to snatch him in a second.

Good luck, Duane!


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