Educating the Sedo buyer: Finally, someone who gets it!

I was browsing various geo-domains, in particular Kennebunk in Maine. There seems to be a tremendous interest in the area, due to the recently exposed “Zumba sex” scandal, involving a local fitness instructor.

Obviously, the .com, .net and .org are all taken.

Due to the shorthand for Maine being “ME”, I decided to look up and sure enough, it is taken and available for sale at Sedo.

What stood out, however, was the extended message that the seller provides through his listing, under “Seller’s description.”

I found it to be very comprehensive and educating towards anyone who would inquire about his domain portfolio; definitely indicative of a flexible, yet experienced domain seller. Despite a couple of typos, it’s a move in the right direction, that anyone listing domains on Sedo should consider adopting.

ALL offers are considered – let’s talk.

Domain name is sold without content.

-To see ALL of my domain names you must be logged in. Then click on ‘View more Domains from this seller’ below (under ‘Meet the Seller’)!

-Click on “View Full Description” to see a sampling of some of my premium listed here on Sedo.

A printed ad or even an online add promotes your business, organization, hobby or pursuit only for the lifetime of the ad. A good domain name promotes for as long as you own the domain. Consider this when you are considering buying a domain name – get the best name that you can afford.

The value of a name is determined by many things – here are a few:

– the extension (.com, net, etc.),
– the length (shorter the better),
– the recall value (how easy it is to remember),
– brand recognition (does it describe the business)
– search engine friendliness.

If you have no idea of the value of domain names or wonder what names actually sell for you may want to check out the weekly sales at DNJournal.


  1. Vincent Jacques says

    Thanks for passing this on. I think it’s great advice and something that’ll certainly adopt (or something similar), as I’ve not populated that field for any of my listings. Thanks again!

  2. Vincent – I’m glad you found it useful. It’s definitely an extensive ‘sales pitch’ that might assist a buyer make an educated offer.

  3. It is to bad most offers are coming directly from godaddy now, hardly get any direct offers via sedo, as I have parking landers on my parked pages, a lot of default of 60-250 offers via godaddy, unable to get a message across to those users of the value of a domain, and not just a listed price.

  4. Tom – You are quite correct. There is a flood of lowball offers now that Sedo opened the gates to the TDNAM crowd.

  5. I am quite adverse to offers from Go Daddy’s “Domain Buying Service”. Something about the wording of their offer letters and the process smells funny to me.

    Since Go Daddy acts as both the broker and the “adviser” to the buyer when their service is engaged, the first offer is usually an insulting one to the seller.

    Don’t know why Go Daddy hasn’t changed their process.

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