Feel good about selling: Ted Olson’s upcoming book

Ted Olson is a veteran sales expert, having worked with NameMedia, Afternic prior to its sale to GoDaddy, and Endurance International.

I had the pleasure of meeting Ted in the late 2000s during one of the Targeted TRAFFIC conferences; if memory doesn’t fail me, it was in 2008. Ted’s positive demeanor, engagement as a listener and speaker, and overall approach to life and sales impressed me.

Ted Olson often shares his sales experience on the professional social medium LinkedIn. I enjoy reading his posts and have learned a few things from his educational videos as well.

A new book by Ted Olson is in the final stages and its title, “Feel Good About Selling,” represents its author’s expert sales approach: selling isn’t about toxic words and bravado or other manipulation:

Many don’t feel great about selling for good reason. There are too many manipulative sales practices that don’t sit well and actually hurt people. Discover a better sales approach that maintains your integrity.

The book by Ted Olson will help these types of sales-engaging individuals:

  1. Business owners, consultants, entrepreneurs, individuals
  2. Sales professionals, sales teams, sales managers, c-suite executives
  3. Non-sales staff that need to sell but is uncomfortable with it, e.g., customer service

In line with the book’s title, Ted has secured the exact match domain name, FeelGoodAboutSelling.com. I’m looking forward to buying the book!


  1. Thanks for this write-up, Theo! I really appreciate the thoughtfulness and succinctness. I remember our meeting at the conference and have always appreciated you and your perspective – and your extensive domain expertise!

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