Finally, Firefox gets its sh1t together!

Pardon the Sunday rant but the truth is, I was just about to change my default browser to Opera.

Miraculously, Firefoxthe browser of choice for millions – fixed a series of underlying glitches with its latest 5.0 release.

The “feature” that drove me nuts interacted with Gmail and other web sites and since the release of Firefox 4.5 there was a delay of several seconds until those web sites were fully active and functional in the browser.

Firefox 5.0 resolves those issues without much of an explanation, but who cares. All I want is a browser that works!


  1. why you don’t use chrome ? the best and fastest browser i ever used , firefox is not even close to it

  2. John – Chrome is buggy, beta and I would not trust yet another ‘big brother’ product. Google ‘not evil’?

  3. i hear you about the the big brother thing , frankly i have nothing to hide so i don’t really care about that,

    i have not notice any bugs , its been a great ride for me until now , i cant use firefox (i am not even talking about IE) for a second now , the difference in speed is just so big.

  4. John – Firefox can be optimized to prefetch pages (that’s what Chrome does with DNS caching).

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